Better Than Us Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Netflix brings back the popular sci-fi series but when it is going to Release?

This article is latest updated on 28 January 2022: Science makes everything better. that's the reason why you are so much interested to know Better than us series. Have you ever thought about getting into a science-fiction movie? After watching “Better than Us” everyone is getting interested in knowing everything about it. Better Than Us is one of the sci-fi big shows on Netflix from Russia.  The second season is on its way but this time it is likely to be away from Netflix. With its amazing storyline, the series turns out amazing and fans are appreciating everything yet so far. Being such a popular series, you guys must be wondering about Better than Us season 2.

The show is about science technology and robots which do all the work of humans which is set in 2029 where many jobs are performed by robots.

Better Than Us

Better than us Season 2

In Better Than us season the story follows an advance robot named Arisa which is designed by an engineer by knowing the critical shortage of marriageable women due to one child policy by China.

Arisa, advanced robot is so beautiful and programmed in such a way to protect herself along with her family. She is featured to be a wife of man, mother of an adopted children and have emotions to understand as you see when see is attached to little Sonia.

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Better than us sci-fi series have various dubs which includes English but it is good to see it in original audio with English subtitles which is available to you on August 16, 2019 outside Russia and China.

Better than us Season 2

Created by Andrey Junkovsky, Better than us is a Russian science fiction tv drama series which is produced by Yellow, Black and White for the Russian channel C1R.

Better than us is the first Russian series presented by Netflix as Netflix original under English Subtitle Better than us. The season first available to stream outside of Russia and china in 2019.

When Will We See Season 2 of Better Than Us?

Better than us Season 2

The season 2 of better than us is renewed and will be expecting to be coming in near future. According to some source it has been heard that now the season 2 is moving to china from the Russia and will be back with further 10 episodes which are planned to begin shooting in Moscow and Beijing.

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Actually it is third season but from the Netflix point of view it is second one. Involvement of Netflix in season 2 is unknown.

However, there is no official announcement when will be the season 2 of better than us release.

Drama Name Better than us
Category Sci-fi
Release Date Yet to Announced
Creator Andrey Junkovsky, Aleksandr Dagan, Aleksandr Kessel
No. of Seasons 1

Who is Arisa in Better than Us?

Arisa, advanced robot role is played by Paulina Andreeva.

Where to Watch Better than Us Season 1

You can currently watch Better than us on Netflix in your favorite language by changing the subtitles.

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Last Lines

There is no official announcement for the Better than us season. There is a chance as it will release because it is not cancelled and renewed for the new season but we can’t say when will the filming begins and it comes on the screen.

Do you want to see season 2 on Netflix same as previous one then let me know about it in the comment box.

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