Kiss Me First Season 2 Release date: confirmation/Renewal/Cancellation

Last updated on 26 January 2022

What do you think about this Thriller series Kiss Me First? Did the series Renewed for season 2 or it may be cancelled? As everyone is excited and waiting for this British cyber thriller drama.

fans are curious and they are waiting for season 2 of kiss me first season 2 so here is all information about it.

Kiss Me First Official Trailer

This is a thriller series which is basically the British cyber drama series it is created by Bryan Elsley

This story revolves around the girl whose name is Leila she was in her teen ages and she was engage in the multiplayer games which focus on the role playing , she was smart intelligent to face any situation, she found herself depressed and tensed after her mother died , she isolate herself , she thought that her life is hell now , after some time she occupied herself in the game , by occupying herself she was able to keen up from the pain of separation from her mother.

This story is written by Bryan Elsley, the direction of the series is done by Misha Manson Smith ,The country of origin is united kingdom and the original language is English, number of series are 1 and number of episodes are 6.

This cyber  series is an modification of the novel of Lottie Moggach of the same name and  the creator of Kiss Me First drama series is Bryan Elsley , This series is created for the  Channel number 4 and Netflix. This drama is available on Netflix. after  the drama series was originally release on April 2, 2018 , internationally it was release on 29 June in the year 2018.

The show is able influence the fans and it ends that  season 2 is needed by the fans to see an absolutely grateful ending. The show had got positive and negative  reviews from the fans and viewers.  this show is full of the entertainment and thriller dramas.

Fans were curious to know about the release date of season 2 of kiss me first, it is reported by the reporters that season 2 is not confirmed yet. Fans can wait and can expect for the renewal of season 2 soon. The cancellation of the show is not confirmed by the makers yet.

If the show is profitable then there are chances for renewal of the show and also it depends on the reviews  which are given by the fans of the season.

The executive producer of the show is Bryan Elsley and Melanie stokes. The producer of the show is Brandley Adams , The editor of the series is Matthew. The production companies are Balloon and Kindle Entertainment.

This date has been taken from the source,the release been has not been officially announced this has been confirmed on this site.

Kiss Me First: Cast Members

Kiss Me First Season 2

These are the cast members of the Kiss Me First-

Tallulah Haddon as Leila, (the protagonist).

Simona Brown as Tess/ Mania ( cool party girl).

Mathew Beard as Adrian Palmer

Matthew Aubrey as Jonty

George Jovanovic as Cyril Niemic

Freddie Stewart as Kyle

Misha Butler as Jack Innes

Haruke Abe as Tomike Teshima

Samuel Bottomley as Ben

Philip Arditti as Azul

Geraldine Somerviller as Ruth Palmer.

As per the reports it is reported that the cast of the kiss me season 2 is above.

Is Kiss Me First Season 2 Cancelled or Renewed?

Kiss Me First Season 2

this thriller drama series season 1 was released in the year 2018 on 2 April for the season 2 it is reported that it is not cancelled and renewed yet, it is also reported that it is available on Netflix with the subscription.

Is there any possibility for the return for season 2 of Kiss Me First?

Kiss Me First Season 2

Although There ares less chances for the show that the Kiss Me First season 2 will return or not. Season 2 was available on the Netflix. Netflix is renewing for new series which is the signal that season will renew for new one or for the cancellation of the show. But this thriller and entertainment drama series has got no official announcement regarding  the release date  or cancellation of this show.

Genre Drama, Thriller
Streaming Platform Netflix


release date 2 April,2018
number of season  1
number of episodes 6

it is reported that the show is is filmed in coastal town , the place is in leysdown on the sea, these are the locations of the west London film studios.

Plot of season 2 of Kiss Me First Season

If the season will renew in the future then it is expected that the creators will go around with the same story and context and sequel of the seasons which shows the  present  realities of the society.

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Last Lines

There is no official announcement till now for the release of season 2 of Kiss Me First. So you can watch more shows like Kiss Me First-

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