Salt 2: Will It Ever Going To Happen?

Updated on: 29/01/2022

Release Date TBA
Studio Columbia Pictures (Sony)
Genre Action, Thriller, Sequel
Director Unknown
Screenwriter Kurt Wimmer
Cast Angelina Jolie
Running Time Unknown
MPAA Rating Not yet rated

An action movie star of Salt, Angelina Jolie’s may seem unexpected to the followers as works in many movies. She is the main character for the Salt blockbuster movie as she plays the role of a CIA agent named Evelyn salt who is identified as a Russian agent by a spy and then she has to go on the run.

The movie was originally written for Tom Cruise but played by Jolie. She already worked in two Tomb Raider films, Wanted and also in Mr. and Mrs. Smith before the end of 2000.

Performance of the Jolie’s is praised by many in the main role and the movie salt receive solid reviews from the critics.

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It is worth watching an action movie of Jolie but like other movies it also left the door open for a new sequel. The news comes in 2011 that follow up is taken, and Jolie alongwith Kurt Wimmer were coming back to make Salt Sequel.

Is Angelina Jolie not like the Sequel of Salt?

Salt 2

In 2011 there wasn’t anything about the Salt 2 script but in 2012 the finalisation of the scripted of the sequel is done but with major hurdle comes in front of it.

The script was rejected by Angelina Jolie by reading it that year in March. So this hurdle becomes a big issue in the development of the second movie, as Jolie was the reason behind the succession of the first film.

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8 years had been completed from 2013 and until no other updates on the potential sequel was released to the fans or viewers.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura, one of the producers of Salt shared some information about the sequel in January 2014 at the UK premiere of Jack Ryan that, “I just read the Salt 2 script last week and we'll be going into the studio soon… It's an exciting script and has a very daring idea.”

But after his statement production of the movie didn’t begin. So we are assuming that the project is dead as no information is heard about the project from that last time.

Is there Any Chance for Salt 2?

Salt 2

As we all know that Salt is a good movie and even there is possibility for the Salt 2 because it has not been formally cancelled. Sony Pictures have tried to put the sequel together over the years, in difficulty.

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Was Salt Really a Russian Guy?

Vassily Orlov claimed that Salt was a spy which made her run on the streets. She is a Trained CIA operative and her parents were killed and she was moved to the US by the Russians and she shoots the President rather than killing him.

Salt Movie is-

Is Salt Angelina Jolie on Netflix?

Yes, Salt is available on American Netflix and it arrived on April, 2020 on Netflix.

Reviews of Salt Movie

It is a PG-13 2010 movie which received 61% tomatometer rating with its critics reviews and some top critic reviews are a great tradition of summer popcorn hits with action spy thriller but funny. It is a pacy, smart, subversive movie with thriller action.

Where to Watch of Salt Movie

You can currently stream or download Jolie’s Salt movie on-

  • Netflix
  • By taking Subscription on Hulu
  • Vudu – rent/ buy
  • Fandangonow – Rent/ Buy

There is no teaser for Salt sequel or Salt 2 as the movie was not renewed or confirmed by the Directors.

But you can watch official Trailer of Salt which is given here-

Last Lines

As there is less hope for Sequel release because from past 2013, as there are no updates about the Salt sequel but Salt is an amazing movie of Angelina Jolie’s. It's upon you whether you want to see the Salt original movie or another thriller action movie.

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