What Does AS Mean on Tiktok? Meaning of AS Trending Explained


If you have used TikTok, you have undoubtedly encountered the Adult Swim or AS fad. The short video application was loaded with videos that resembled bumps or advertisements that finished with “[as]” The apex of the trend occurred in the middle of 2021, but it remains significant in the community and has not faded.

The fad, which is now part of the platform's language, allowed users to express their creativity. The original trend had nothing to do with adult content, but it appears that individuals have begun to use the word to describe young adult television programs.


What does AS mean on TikTok?

The “AS” connotation on TikTok refers to Cartoon Network's “Adult Swim” Adult Swim is a series of Cartoon Network programs aimed at a late-night audience. The program launched in 2001 as a means of featuring content that would have been censored otherwise.

Typical episodes of Adult Swim featured explicit language, sexual themes, and extreme violence. These topics were intended for a more mature audience than the daytime programming on Cartoon Network, which is more recognized for programming for children.


What Does AS Mean on Tiktok: Meaning of AS Trending Explained

On the popular social media site TikTok, users may have observed the AS or Adult Swim trend. This hashtag appears in a variety of creative videos employing the old late-night program's distinctive logo.

However, the TikTok movement was not inspired by Adult Swim shows. Instead, TikTok users paid homage to the original “bumpers” from Adult Swim. Historically, these “bumpers” or “bumps” were broadcast before or after commercial breaks to promote the broadcasts.

These amusing bumps embodied the irreverent spirit of Adult Swim: they were random, eccentric, and a little offbeat. The initial bumps were likewise pretty simple, depicting things such as an old automobile or people swimming in a lake.

What is the TikTok Adult Swim Trend?

The AS TikTok Trend entails the creation of videos with the text “[adult swim]” or “[as]” or random sentences that appear to be wandering thoughts. These are utilized as captions, giving the appearance of Adult Swim bumpers.

The TikTok fad went widespread because of the TikTok user @supvano (aka Vano 3000), who sampled the song “Time Moves Slow” by BADBADNOTGOOD featuring Sam Herring in his own beat. Then, he utilized it as the music for his own bumpers, and the song became popular, so establishing the Adult Swim tradition. Since it gained such popularity, he has vowed to release the beat.

What Does AS Mean on Tiktok: Meaning of AS Trending Explained

The Adult Swim phenomenon shows no signs of abating. #adultswim now has almost 6.3 billion views, while #adultswimchallenge has 133.3 million views. The videos with the most likes, comments, and views are the most popular bumper videos.

Some movies offer amusing yet monotonous stuff, such as doing homework assignments. Others attempt to display the “AS” logo as creatively as possible on TikTok, such as by creating a neon sign or spelling it out with cereal. Creating videos incorporating the trendy TikTok song trend could be the key to boosting your social media profile on the app!

What is Adult Swim?

Adult Swim is a late-night programming block on Cartoon Network's cable channel that targets an adult or late-night audience. It was created as a way to air animation and other types of shows that would have required censorship on a channel that was primarily considered a children's channel.

It debuted in 2001 and, after gaining popularity and targeting a new audience, had its own separate Nielsen rating report in 2005. Adults Swims's shows are well-known for their sexual themes, nudity, violent language, brutal violence, and frequently bizarre or excessively minimalistic aesthetics.

It has shown Black Jesus and Adventure time, while its original programming has featured The Boondocks, Black Dynamite, and Rick and Morty.