Why Lady Gaga is Being Sued for $500,000 by Woman Charged With Dog Theft?

The singer Lady Gaga is being sued because, according to TMZ, she didn’t pay the $500,000 reward for the return of her French bulldogs in 2021. Jennifer McBride gave back Koji and Gustav, two of Ms. Gaga’s dogs, and now she wants a court to make the singer pay her back.

Ms. McBride says that the pop star made it clear that she would pay the large sum “no questions asked” if her dogs were returned to her safe and sound.

The 13-time Grammy winner announced the reward in February 2021, after her dogs were taken from her dog walker at gunpoint.

Ms. McBride says that she gave the dogs back to the singer on February 26, 2021, at the LAPD Olympic Community station, two days after they were taken.

TMZ says that the woman wants the $500,000 reward and wants the court to triple the damages to $1.5 million because she posted a false reward.



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Five people were arrested and charged with stealing Gaga’s dogs, and Ms. McBride was one of them. People said that the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said they found her to be an accomplice after the first crime.

During the robbery, which was done by James Howard Jackson and Jaylin White in 2021, Ryan Fischer, who took care of Gaga’s dogs, was shot four times in the chest. Fischer got better after being hurt.

This dog theft happened in February 2021, when Ryan Fischer, who walked Lady Gaga’s dogs, was shot and hurt. Two of the French bulldogs were stolen, and the third ran away before the police could catch it.

In this accident, the dog walker was hurt. Because of this event, five people were arrested, and Jennifer McBride was charged with being an accomplice to a crime. As part of a plea deal, the charges against her were dropped.

Jackson was given a prison sentence of 21 years, while White got four years. We’re waiting for more information about what’s going on.

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