To Your Eternity Season 3 Release Date: All We Know So Far


To Your Eternity, the most recent continuous series, is nearing the end of its second season. People are wondering if it will be renewed for season 3 and when the series' production company will make the announcement.

As a result, we've gathered information from a variety of sources about the upcoming season of the popular comedy series To Your Eternity. Continue reading to get the most up-to-date information.


Release Date of To Your Eternity Season 3

To Your Eternity Season, 3's official release date has yet to be revealed. The third season of To Your Eternity is set to premiere in 2024. Perhaps it will be available on Crunchyroll like in the first two seasons. Let's wait and see what occurs next.

Where Can I watch To Your Eternity?


If you're wondering where you can watch To Your Eternity, the solution is simple. You may view it on demand through your cable provider or buy it from digital shops like iTunes or Amazon. You may also watch it on subscription sites like Crunchyroll. If you want to see it for free, go to services like Crackle or Snagfilms.

The Storyline of the To Your Eternity

Fushi, now in her forties, refuses to leave the island until Nokkers begin pursuing humans aggressively on other continents. Hisame, Hayase's reincarnated granddaughter, is nine years old when he meets her. Hayase's fused Nokker is now on Hisame's left arm. They come across an adult Tonari and Sander at the Nokker assault scene. Hisame injures Tonari, but the latter runs immediately.

To Your Eternity Season 3 Release Date: All We Know So Far

Tonari turns into a ghost in front of Fushi. When Fushi abandons Him, she saves Hisame's life by not slaughtering the Nokker in her arm. Hayase's progenitors and successors, including a man named Kahaku, paid seventeen visits to Fushi over the course of two centuries.

To defend themselves against the Nokkers, they must establish the Guardian Force Unit and pledge themselves to Fushi, according to their great-great-great-grandmother. When other religions disparage him, Kahaku removes Fushi from seclusion in order to improve his reputation.

Bon is driven by Tonari's soul to track down Fushi, and he eventually succeeds. Bon is an easy target for those who want to harm the Guardians because of his devotion to Fushi and the Guardians. Bon does not want Fushi to know that he witnessed Fushi resurrecting a princess.

Fushi's resurrection abilities were dormant when he was taken by a rival kingdom. Fushi is imprisoned, while Bon is encased in iron. After evading captivity, Fushi saves Bon. According to Kahaku's Nokker, the Nokker assault on Renril will last a whole calendar year. As Fushi's ability to conjure objects from thin air grows, Bon and Kahaku sound the alarm across the city.

The Voice Artists of Your Eternity Season 3?

As the second season of To Your Eternity comes to an end, viewers wonder who will appear in the third season. The series has been full of shocks, so who will return is anyone's guess. There are, however, some hints as to who might return.

To Your Eternity Season 3 Release Date: All We Know So Far

  • Jacob Hopkins provides the voice of Fushi
  • Sarah Anne Williams provides the voice for March
  • Valeria Rodriguez provides the voice of Parona (English)
  • Dorothy Elias-Fahn plays Pioran
  • Kira Buckland provides the voice of Hayase
  • Erica Mendez (child) provides the voice of Gugu
  • Atsushi Abe voices Shin
  • Manaka Iwami plays Rean.
  • Kentar Tone performs the role of Booze Man.
  • Eri Inagawa provides the voice of Tonari.
  • Cory Yee provides the voice of The Beholder


If you've never seen the series and are curious about its quality, I can assure you that it's rather good! IMDb's rating of 8.5/10 is reasonable, and Myanimilist's average audience rating is 8.21. As a result, this show is a must-see for me. If you're still on the fence about watching it, read what others have said about it.


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