Horimiya Season 2: Will There Be a Season Two of Anime?

HERO is the author and illustrator of the manga series Hori-san to Miyamura-kun. Between February 2007 and March 2008, it was first released online on Dokkai Ahen, the author’s website.

Between October 2008 and December 2011, Square Enix collected the chapters into ten bound volumes. Under the heading Hori-san to Miyamura-kun Omake, more side story chapters are also published. The original series has been transformed into a run of OVAs starting in 2012.

About Horimiya Season 2

The Hero manga series by Hiroki Adachi, who went by the pen name Hero, is the inspiration for the anime series.
It centres on a popular lady and a nerdy boy who have quite dissimilar lives away from school. They vowed to keep one other’s secrets a secret and developed a romantic relationship in the process.

Horimiya Season 2

Fans are eager for more of their love story, but the anime series came to a definitive and happy finish. So, will “Horimiya” have a second season? Here is what we currently know.

Expected Release Date of Horimiya Season 2

It appears that the show will not return, which is unfortunate for fans because the first season was able to explain and depict the full of the original manga. However, there should be some optimism for the future of the show because neither the authors, producers, nor the studio have officially cancelled it or said no.


There are numerous instances of shows returning even when viewers and fans believed there wouldn’t be enough content for another season or it appeared the show wouldn’t be returning

Horimiya Season 2 Cast

If there was ever a second season, we expect that the main characters would return. In a potential Horimiya continuation, many characters could make a comeback and they would almost certainly do so along with a tonne of new ones. However, because there won’t be any new stories set in the Horimiya universe, there isn’t really anything to talk about. The two series’ central figures, who would undoubtedly make a comeback, are:

The Kyko Hori

Kyko is a popular, attractive, and intelligent high school student who, when at home, just dresses up, takes off her makeup, ties her hair back, and takes care of her younger brother while doing household duties.

Horimiya Season 2

Miyamura Izumi

Izumi presents himself as a weird, bespectacled fanboy otaku who keeps to himself at school. Outside of the classroom, he is characterized as being beautiful and laid back with a punk look, nine piercings (four in each ear and one on his lip), tattoos, and a completely different appearance. Despite his reputation at school, he has terrible marks and only occasionally shows an interest in manga.

The Plot: What We Can Expect From Horimiya Season 2?

Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura play the main characters in “Horimiya,” a tale about a charming and well-known Kyoko and a reserved and bashful Izumi.

They both graduated from the same high school, but their attitudes and socioeconomic position are very different. On the other hand, their school personas are painstakingly constructed to keep their genuine selves hidden outside of the classroom.
They get together outside of class and agree, after knowing each other’s secrets, to hide them from their friends. The two started to feel something for one another as the story went on.

They were only able to continue when they openly acknowledged their love for one another. The two were shown receiving their high school diplomas in the final episode of the series.

Kyoko and Izumi’s relationship will endure if the show is extended for a second season. The source material for the first season has already been exhausted. If the anime is to continue, a fresh storyline must be developed.

Horimiya Season 2: Trailer

Horimiya’s second season has no trailer, and because there most likely won’t be a second season either, we won’t see one at all. A trailer is entirely useless because there is nothing to announce. Till the you can enjoy the trailer of season 1.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Horimiya have a second season?

We are already aware that “Horimiya” might not air again in season 2. The possibility of a second season still exists, even if the show has not been formally renewed. The first season began airing on January 10, 2021, and concluded on April 4, 2021, with 13 episodes.

Horimiya is there in Crunchyroll?

Horimiya is not streamed on Crunchyroll. The streaming service Crunchyroll offers a wide selection of anime and manga.

What are Horimiya’s IMDB ratings?

The IMDB rating for Horimiya is 8.1/10.