Rakshasa Street Season 2: When Will Part 2 of This Anime Come?

Are you waiting for the Rakshasa Street or Zhen Hun Jie anime part 2 of season 2? If yes, then you came to the right place to know about Zhen Hun Jie which is a Chinese anime series.

I know it is not popular outside China but it is worth watching the series and all fans are waiting to see what is going to happen in the reboot of episodes of season 2.

As the series is not so popular all over the world except China beside of this it is renewed and premiered in May 2021.

First part of the season 2 aired back in December 2019 and part 2 came in 2021.

Rakshasa Street Chinese anime is a simple one but unique story. In this evil spirits are attracted to Requiem Street and humans enter this solely area to kill them.

All human beings are not allowed to enter this Requiem street but some humans can enter like Xia Ling, who is an ordinary college intern who is allowed to enter in the street to kill the evil spirits in the anime.

Before entering the street she doesn’t know she has the power to kill them and do something bigger and more dangerous by meeting with her guardian spirit suddenly by chance. There she discovers she has hidden powers and talents when she is put in a situation where she has to choose one from the two.

 If you are an anime lover then the main character of the story is a 19-year boy Minato, whose life has changed, and became adventurous. Read More: Sekirei Season 3: When Will Minato Come Back With All Sekirei?

Either she goes back and spends her normal life or to do something dangerous by saying goodbye to her previous peaceful life.

Rakshasa Street Season 2 Part 2: Release Date

Rakshasa Season 2

Season 2 Part 2 of the series is officially announced and confirmed however about its official release date we can’t say anything because some are saying that it premiered on May 15, 2021 and others are saying that they are expecting part 2 in 2022 or in winter of 2023.

It is heard that part 2 starting is the remake of part 1 some episodes, so you have to check in your country whether it is actually released or not. If part 2 is not released then you have to wait more.

About Rakshasa Street Anime

Rakshasa Season 2

It is the anime series whose first season came back 5 years ago in 2016 and it is taken from the Rakshasa Street which is a Chinese manhua.

In this the anime, the story takes place in the Requiem Street where spirits came and human beings kill these evil spirits. This is the street where both humans and spirits exist.

This street allows only those humans who have some special powers to kill the Evil spirits and Xia Ling is one of the students of architecture who has these special powers.

One day she came to know that she has some super powers and spiritual abilities which to enter the Requiem Street by encountering her guardian spirit. Now it’s upon her to make a decision which could change her entire life by moving to a new life which is full of danger or staying behind and living a peaceful life.

What Should Be Expected From the Rakshasa Street Season 2?

Rakshasa Season 2

In the last episode 6 of part one you have seen that due to General Cao’s absence their sons have to suffer a lot and they are forced to leave a home and wander here and there to find shelter and there a young girl offers help. In the last scene you have seen how a young girl turned into a demon and you will be able to see the two brothers wish to become stronger.

We can see how the brothers grow more stronger and their struggle in part 2.

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Where to Watch Zhen Hun Jie Anime Season 2 Part 1?

If you are searching for the season 2 part 1 of this anime series then it is a streamed at bilibili on their official page:镇魂街 第二季

Last Lines

Watch the part 1 of this anime on the official page and feel free to write in the comment box about this anime series and which is your favourite scene in this Rakshasa Street and if you want to read more on other animes then follow Keeperfacts.com.

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