Will There Be Ultraman Season 2 or Not ?


Till date, Ultraman got decent feedback (IMDb Rating: 6.9 out of 10) from their viewers but the good part is, many viewers loved this Japanese series and are waiting for Ultraman Season 2. 

If you are on this page, most probably because you want to watch Ultraman Season 2. 


So, Are you excited to know everything about Ultraman Season 2?

Let's go with us and read this article to know everything when Season 2 is going to be released. 

  • Ultraman Season 1 is created and produced by Mitsuhisa Ishikawa.
  • The Original Air Date of the series was April 1, 2019 (Season 1)
  • It consists of 13  episodes.
  • The runtime of every episode is 20-25 minutes


Ultraman Origin and History

Before season 1 was released in 2019, there was Ultraman , a Japanese show originally called as tokusatsu. The show was released in 1967 under Tsuburay production. This series is a great example for other sub genre series like Tokusastu, Daikaiju, and Kyodai Hīro.

Ultraman Season 2 Release Date and Trailer?

Ultraman season 2

There is no official announcement related to the release date but Netflix has announced that the second season of Ultraman is close to the corner. 

After the success of Season 1, Ultraman Netflix has launched a new season and come up with more action and science fiction stuff.

On July 5, 2020 a new trailer was put up on Youtube and also there are new cast members in it. 

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Just check out the trailer and you will be thrilled after seeing their amazing work. 

I know, more than 1000 fans watched the first season of Ultraman in one go and were eagerly waiting for Ultraman season 2, so it’s good news for all the fans that Ultraman season 2 is coming sooner or later . 

Regarding the release date, just bookmark on our website and we will update as soon as we get this amazing news. 

Ultraman Season 2 Availability and Cast

Ultraman season 2

You can easily stream this anime on Netflix.

Josh Hutcherson, Brian Palermo and D.C.Douglas play the lead role in Netflix’s Ultraman season 2.

Who is the strongest Ultraman in Season 1?

Ultraman Reiga is an ultra warrior. He was born from the fusion of the eleven New generation heroes and is called to be the strongest ultraman. 

Ultraman Season 1: Plotline

Ultraman season 2

This show is a continuation of the storyline of the brilliant Ultraman released in 1966. Many years have passed, since that release now the show has been renewed and released in 2019 with ‘Giant of Light’

It is believed that he returned to home after defeating all the aliens that attacked and tried to conquer Earth. Shin Hayata who was the first Ultraman, now his son Shirjiro is the new Ultraman with his new abilities and all the learning he has from his father. 

Now he fights with all new aliens who want to conquer Earth.

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Episode List



No. in


Title Original release date
1 1 “A Power That Shouldn't Be On This Earth” April 1, 2019
2 2 “An Inescapable Fate” April 1, 2019
3 3 “Being Ultraman Isn't Bad” April 1, 2019
4 4 “Release the Limiter!” April 1, 2019
5 5 “City of Aliens” April 1, 2019
6 6 “The Curse of Ultraman” April 1, 2019
7 7 “Hidden Thoughts” April 1, 2019
8 8 “The Beginning of Truth” April 1, 2019
9 9 “Nice To Meet You, Brother” April 1, 2019
10 10 “Star Council” April 1, 2019
11 11 “You As You Are” April 1, 2019
12 12 “Ace Killer” April 1, 2019
13 13 “A Real Ultraman” April 1, 2019

Ratings and Availability : Ultraman Season 1

  • It got 3.7/5 from rotten tomatoes by 65% of users.
  • It got 6.9/10 from imdb with 1.7k users.

Also, you can easily stream it on Netflix but before just go and subscribe. 

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The Conclusion :

Ultraman already completed its one season which consists of 13 episodes and it premiered on April 1,2019 on Netflix which achieved great popularity among the fans.

As of now Ultraman 2 is not released yet, so keep watching other latest Japanese series and keep up with us to get updated.

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