Is Trevor Noah Gay? All About Super-talented Host of the Daily Show


Trevor Noah rose to prominence as the super-talented host of The Daily Show, succeeding Jon Stewart. Trevor Noah is unquestionably one of the most varied stand-up comedians who has amassed legions of global admirers. People are now somewhat confused regarding the sexual orientation of this tremendously talented comedian due to his outspoken support for the LGBTQI+ community.

Is Trevor Noah Gay?


No, definitely not. Trevor Noah is neither gay nor bisexual; he is, in fact, straight. He has never publicly discussed his sexual preferences, and a review of his dating history reveals that the majority of his partners have been attractive women.

Therefore, when a person freely discusses their viewpoint on any issue, it does not make them any different; therefore, Trevor Noah's open discussion of his perspectives and concerns regarding the LGBTQI community does not make him gay or bisexual.


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The assumption began in 2013 when Trevor Noah expressed his desire to come out but failed to make a formal coming out declaration. As a result, many assumed that he was referring to his gender identity.

Who is Trevor Noah Dating?

Trevor Noah has maintained the secrecy of his private life and has consistently avoided giving his opinions on numerous topics. Although he staunchly supports the institution of marriage, he has remarked that he is not particularly fond of cohabitation.

Is Trevor Noah Gay? All About Super-talented Host of the Daily Show

Even if we make every effort to investigate his personal life and his current relationships, it will be in vain. Late in September, though, his name was paired with that of the phenomenal singer Dua Lipa when the two were spotted together. In addition, rumors circulated that Trevor Noah and the attractive actress Minka Kelly had a romantic relationship. However, the reports were proven false when he attended the Grammys alone.

According to sources, the popular stand-up comedian is not married and has had numerous relationships with women in the past. During the course of the last few years, he has dated ladies including celebrities and models. Even though he is neither married nor homosexual, Trevor Noah freely discussed and aired his position on legalizing same-sex weddings.

Who is Trevor Noah?

Trevor Noah is one of the most prominent South African television hosts. In 2015, the golden opportunity to anchor a late-night talk show propelled him into the global limelight. When his identity was announced in 2015, viewers of The Daily Show hosted by Jon Stewart reacted with contempt, as though they were wondering who this new person might be who would be so skilled as to replace Jon Stewart.

Is Trevor Noah Gay? All About Super-talented Host of the Daily Show

The announcement of Trevor Noah's resignation from The Daily show in 2022, after several years of service, was undoubtedly nerve-wracking and startling. As a senior Correspondent, Noah joined the show in late 2014, and at the time, people were unhappy with his selection as host following Jon Stewart's departure.

But in just one episode, Trevor Noah captivated the hearts of the audience and was subsequently rewarded financially. Instantaneously, he made his stunning debut as a stand-up comedian, and he is unquestionably one of the most accomplished hosts and stand-up comedians.

Trevor Noah was born on the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa to multiracial parents Patricia and Robert Noah. His mother was black and his father was of Swiss and German origin; he was born on February 20, 1984. Therefore, when Trevor Noah was born, his parents' union was illegal because they are of different heritage and races.