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Demon Lord Retry Season 2: Plotline Trailer And Latest Updates!

Demon Lord Retry is one of the popular Japanese anime. The series is also known as the aka Maou-Sama, Retry!. The Demon Lord is inspired by the light novel series which is written by Kurone Kanzaki.

Season one was aired in 2019 and dispatched by Funimation on some local channels i.e Tokyo MX and BS Fuji. Season one consists of a total of twelve episodes that are loved by the fans and even secure an overall rating of 8 out of 10 by the anime reviews of Myanimelist.

After so much love and appreciation from the fans will show creators renews the show for its second season? Let’s find out this…

Will There Be A Demon Lord Retry Season 2?

Demon Lord Retry Season 2

The chances of getting a renewal are quite low for this anime because the series originated from the light novels having three volumes as stated above. All three volumes are covered in the first portion. This clearly states that the creators are having lack reference material at this point in time.

In the future, if there be some more Light novel volumes, so we could hope the anime to reboot again eventually with some new pinch of the story before that we couldn’t say anything.

Cast And Characters of Demon Lord Retry Season 2

If there is a second season of the Demon Lord then we could hope to see the old animated one in the anime. Let’s recall them one by one-

  • Hakuto Kunai- is the main character of the anime.
  • Aku- a cute little teenage girl.
  • Luna Elegant- a sixteen-year-old beautiful girl with red-colored eyes.
  • Killer Queen- sister of the Holy Maiden.
  • Angel White- sister or killer queen but opposite to her in nature.
  • Isami Tahara- is a soldier in the anime.
  • Zero Kirisame-Akira Ono’s alternate

Moreover, some new characters will be introduced in the follow-up version of the anime by Kōji Ogata.

Expected Plotline For Season 2

Demon Lord Retry Season 2

The story focuses on the main character name, Ono Akira. Ono used to work in the digital world for a passionate gaming company. In the game world, Ono has been given a role to play, the role of Dark Lord.

He used to focus on the game’s world more rather than the actual one. One day he met a girl who is physically impaired in the game and their journey continues after this. The story is quite good with some toppings of romance in it which is loved by the viewers.

This is about the first portion. If there is a second season we hope to see more intimacy between both the main characters.

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What about your expectations about the second plot? Do you have your own theories, and want to share them with us? Comment down!

Any Trailer For Demon Lord Retry Season 2

There are so many fan-made versions titling themself as the “Official Teaser” but we can’t consider them as an official one. We could expect the original item in the corresponding month of the release of the anime which means we get the anime’s teaser on our plates in 2021(end) or early in 2022(early), they say!

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For the moment enjoy this previous season trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where We Can Watch the Demon Lord Retry Season 2?

The show is available to stream for its complete season on Hulu and Live-Tv but if you are looking to watch the Demon’s Lord Retry season 2 then the show is not released at this time. Once the show airs by Ekachi Epilka then it will be available on its official channels.

Wrap-Up Words

We haven’t heard a lot from the creators about the Demon Lord Retry Season 2 at this time. But it is strongly assumed that there be a season second, after all, it’s been only two years since the season first ended, and anime creators usually take a bit longer time to present a sequel or more seasons, so chill guys! There be definitely a season second.