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Deadly Class Season 2 Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELLED!

Deadly Class Season 1 ended with numerous untied threads. Sadly, the threads may never get woven as Syfy canceled season 2.

Last Updated on January 29, 2022.

Developed by Rick Remender and Miles Orion Feldsott, Deadly Class is a prominent tv show of Syfy. It is an American mystery, comedy, and adventure tv series. Based on the Remender’s and Wesley Craig’s comic series having an identical title. Set in the 80s, the story follows the life of a teenager named Marcus Lopez Arguello. He was a directionless boy till Master Lin admitted him to a criminal academy named King’s Dominion. The first season ended and now the fans are vulnerable to learn about Deadly Class Season 2.

The series is produced in collaboration with different production houses that also include Universal Cable Productions and Sony Pictures Television. It debuted on December 30, 2018. Season 1 ran for ten episodes and concluded on March 20, 2019.  It gained the attention of more than one million viewers but received mixed reviews from critics. If you have watched the first season then you would know that Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger. So, fans are craving season 2 since season 1 wrapped on March 20, 2019. But, to the despair of fans, Syfy has canceled season 2 due to its low ratings.

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Drama Name   Deadly Class Season 2
Category   Action-Fiction Drama
Release Date   Officially Canceled
Director   Rick Remender
No of Episodes   10

Will Deadly Class Season 2 Ever Return? 

Deadly Season 2

Confirmed by: Screenrant

Well, Rick Remender left no stone unturned to find a new home for Deadly Class season 2 but to no avail so far. He confirmed in June 2019 that the series stands canceled as he couldn’t find another streaming platform that wishes to revive the series. But Starzplay gained the UK rights to stream season 1 of the series. However, the platform is not ready to proceed with season 2.

However, fans are crazy about Deadly Class and dying to watch the series. Thousands of fans filed a petition and appealed to Netflix to revive it. You can clearly see the craze among the fans.

As a fan, you must be hoping that any streaming platform will pay heed to the voices of fans and renew it. We will update here when we get more information.

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Deadly Class Cast Updates: Whom do We Expect in Deadly Class Season 2?

Deadly Season 2

As for now, there have been no updates regarding the series being returning on the Television. Since the director has shown his interest in the continuing of the series, we might be able to watch the second season. 

If there will be another season, it will follow Benedict Wong as Master LinBenjamin Wadsworth as Marcus Lopez ArguelloLana Condor as Saya Kuroki, María Gabriela de Faría as Maria Salazar, Luke Tennie as WillieLewis. We guess all the main cast will return except  Liam James as Billy and Michel Duval as Chico as they died in season 1.

Moreover, The recurring cast of season 1 includes Taylor Hickson as Petra, Siobhan Williams as Brandy Lynn, Sean Depner as Viktor, Jack Gillett as Lex Miller, Isaiah Lehtinen as Shabnam, Juan Grey as Juan, Tom Stevens as Chester “Fuckface” Wilson, Sam Jin Coates as Yukio, Brian Posehn as Dwight Shandy, Olivia Cheng as Madame Gao, David Zayas as El Alma Del Diablo, Victor Andrés Trelles Turgeon as Holy GhostWe expect all the recurring characters will return except for the dead ones. We may also see new faces in season 2.  

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Deadly Class Plot Details: What Will We See in Deadly Class Season 2?

Deadly Season 2

The series will take you to 1980 where an orphan and an aimless teenager named Marcus Lopez Arguello was recruited by Master Lin for an academy called King’s Dominion. King’s Dominion is an assassins academy where teenagers from criminal families came to become an assassin. Master Lin was the headmaster of it. Marcus meets other teenagers and became friends with them. Throughout the series, he kept fighting for himself and the people he loved. Season 1 left us with several unanswered questions which need to be answered in season 2.

Master Lin’s sister Master Gao had a problem with his style of running the King’s Dominion. Will she get control of school? Will Saya and Maria reunite? Yakuza assassins killed most of the school staff and later tried to kill Saya. What was their intention? Why were they doing that? Several more questions are still left. Well, we hope that season 2 will come soon to end the curiosity of fans.

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Ratings of Deadly Class Season 2

The series just received an average rating in the popular rating platform.

IMDB rating- 7.6 out of 10.

Rotten tomatoes- It scored an approval rating of 64%, with an average rating of 6.23/10

Metacritic- It scored 58 out of 100 based on 13 critics.

Official Trailer of Deadly Class Season 2

The Creators have not renewed the series for season 2. Therefore, we can even think about the season 2 trailer. Well, take a sight of the season 1 trailer for reminiscence.

Where can we watch Deadly Class season 2?

It is streaming on Sony Live,  Amazon prime Video, and SYFY to watch.

Final Verdict

Critics praised it for its characters, breathtaking visuals, and wonderful choreography. On the contrary, they criticized it for its tone and pacing. But, overall, the series is pretty delightful to watch. It is consist of twists and turns which will take you to the edge of your seat. I know, after enthralling season 1, You must be dying to watch season 2. Let’s hope it will come soon. 

Well, what are your expectation from Deadly Class season 2? Tell me in the comment box. If you want to ask any questions about the series, drop them in the comment box. We are happy to help you

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