No Tomorrow Season 2: Canceled or Renewd? Recent Updates

We may never find out if the world gets destroyed in the apocalypse, or Xaviere will stop it as CW canceled No Tomorrow Season 2. Read till the end to the reason for cancellation and chances of revival.

No Tomorrow is an American sci-fi, rom-com television series that first premiered on CW. It is the remake of the Brazilian series titled Como Aproveitar o Fim do Mundo (How to Enjoy the End of the World) created by Fernanda Young and Alexandre Machado. The story follows a lively and enthusiastic man named Xavier Holliday and boring woman Evie Covington. They come to know that the world is at the edge of destruction and will end after eight months and 12 days. They made a bucket list to make most of

their time remains.

Movie/Series Name No Tomorrow Season 2
Movie Genre American romantic comedy-drama
Release Date Not Announced


No Tomorrow Season 2

Developed by Corinne Brinkerhoff, the series first hit the screen on October 4, 2016. Season 1  ran for thirteen episodes that concluded on January 17, 2017, with a cliffhanger. Fans demanded season 2 soon after season 1 ended. But, to our despair, CW officially canceled  No Tomorrow season 2 on May 8, 2017.

Why did CW Cancel No Tomorrow Season 2?

Any platform cannot proceed with a show which failed to engage sufficient viewers. The same goes with it. The CW had loads of expectations for No Tomorrow. They hoped that the show would gain popularity just like Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the network‘s other show. However, the romantic comedy failed to meet the desired expectation. It only garnered the attention of fewer than 1 million viewers and 0.3 average ratings and thereby didn’t get the renewal.

What are the Chances of Renewal of the No Tomorrow Series?

Well, I know friends, you are aching to know if Xavier with NASA people will save the world or not. Me Too! But sadly, we might never know it. CW has canceled season 2. However, fans filed a petition for the renewal of the series. So CW may change its decision, or some other streaming platform might pick up the series. Well, given the rating and viewership, the chances of renewal are pretty low. But as a fan, we always have a slight hope of its revival.

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The Cast Of No Tomorrow. Whom to Expect in No Tomorrow season 2?

The main cast of the series includes Tori Anderson as Evie Covington, Joshua Sasse as Xavier Holliday, Jonathan Langdon as Hank BarkleySarayu Blue as Kareema, Jesse Rath as Timothy Finger, Amy Pietz as Deirdre Hackmeyer.

The recurring cast includes George Basil as Jesse, Ted McGinley as Gary, Kelly Stables as Mary Anne, Gigi Rice as Gloria, and Vinny Chhibber as Rohan. 

No Tomorrow Season 2

All the characters from season 1 will return for season 2 if ever created.

The Plot of No Tomorrow. What to expect from No Tomorrow season 2?

The series is about a live-spirited man named Xavier Holliday who comes to know that the world will get destroyed in eight months and twenty days as an asteroid will hit the Earth. He wants to live every second of his life to the fullest. He comes across a boring woman named Evie Covington and inspires her to make an apocalyst, a list of things a person wants to do before the apocalypse.

 He tells her about the Metroid, but she does believe. Well, their friendship kicks off from that day. Throughout, the series they do several things together and come closer. 

No Tomorrow Season 2

As the season finale, Professor Fields come to know that Xavier’s theory is correct. She decided to talk with him to stop the mishappening. She found him and bring him to NASA and figure out a plan to stop it. On the other hand, Evie is developing new relationships with Graham during her trip to Reykjavik. She also gets her dream job in the Philippines.

During her flight to the Philippines, guess who meets her! Yes, Dr. Graham again. What’s going on? In the meanwhile, Xavier and Dr. field announced the apocalypse on Tv. And here the season ended. 

In season 2, we will see where the relationship between Graham and Evie will go? Will Xavier and scientists able to stop the apocalypse?

Well, we will see in season 2 if ever created.

Trailer of No Tomorrow season 2:

CW has not given greenlit to the sequel so far, or we can say it had been canceled. So we might never get the trailer. Well, for now, let’s remind the series by watching the light-hearted trailer for season 1.



Rating of the No Tomorrow series?

Well, it earned mixed reviews and scored ratings accordingly.

IMDB rating- 7.3 out of 10.

Rotten Tomatoes- It scored an approval rating of 91%

Metacritic- It scored  69 out of 100, based on 23 critics.

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Where Can We Watch the No Tomorrow series?

It is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video to watch.

Final Words

Though the series could not entertain the viewers like Gloden Globe Streaks, Jane the Virgin, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, it is simply amusing.  You will fall in love with the series due to the charming performance of characters and loads of fun. But, unfortunately, the series is canceled. Alas!

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