Living with Yourself Season 2

Living With Yourself Season 2 Release: Will the American Comedy Drama Series Come Back...

How would it feel when you have twins or living with the same face? Sometimes it excites and gives pleasure but it always creates problems for others or twins also? Same in...
Claymore Season  2

Will Claymore Season  2 ever come or not?

Will Madhouse Inc, a popular animation house (with the great history) ever come with the claymore season 2 or not?  That’s the biggest question of the decade.  However, there are few things...
Great Pretender Season 3

Great Pretender Season 3 Release: When Will the New Installment of Great Pretender Come?

Are you looking for the most popular crime and comedy series Great Pretender Season 3? Is the season renewed for the 3rd installment? The new season of Great Pretender is not...
Lucifer season 6

Lucifer season 6: Release Date, Cast, Episodes Titles, Story, Trailer!

It is good news for the fans of Lucifer that one more new season is still to go after the massive end to Lucifer Season 5. This will become the Warner Bros....
Scorpion Season 5

Scorpion Season 5: CBS Cancelled This American Crime Series!

Are you waiting for the bunch of geniuses to solve the crime again in season 5? Will the CBS series Scorpion season 5 ever return? There are many questions arising in...


Lethal Weapon 5: Is it Happening or not?

"I'm Surprised You Haven't Heard Of Me, I Got A Bad Reputation, Like Sometimes I Just Go Nuts. Like Now, Ha-Ha!" This quote hooks me,...