Are Grey’s Anatomy’s Sandra Oh and Kevin Mckidd Friends in Real Life?

Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh, as Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy,” created friendship, grief, passion, and tragedy out of their years-long professional connection. Their swoony-to-terrifying-and-back romance spanned five seasons and became one of the most memorable and crucial partnerships in the series.

Both broken and job-obsessed, the two were paradoxically ideal and difficult for each other, bringing out the best in each other while occasionally exacerbating their worst qualities.

Cristina’s departure for Zurich signified the conclusion of the story, echoing Sandra Oh’s actual exit from the program. However, their love endured after Cristina’s departure.

Are Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd Friends?

Before anything else, it is unlikely that Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd have ever had anything other than a cordial working relationship.

Oh was most recently related to photographer Lev Rukhin, whereas McKidd was married to Arielle Goldrath McKidd from 2017 until recently (via People) (via Just Jared). However, like many of their “Grey’s” co-stars, they remained close friends during and after their time on the program.

Are Grey's Anatomy's Sandra Oh and Kevin Mckidd Friends in Real Life?

In a 2019 interview with TV Line, McKidd congratulated Oh on her Golden Globes win for Best Actress in a Drama before commenting on their relationship. He stated, “We trust and know each other tremendously.”

“During all of those hours spent working together [on “Grey’s”], we witnessed the development of each other’s lives. When she or I were through adversity, we relied on one another.”

In addition, the actor told People last year that he had repeatedly requested Oh to return to “Grey’s Anatomy.” “Every time I see her, I am always urging her, “Come on, come on!” Just one.'”

And to dispel any remaining worries, he said, “We are also extremely close friends… So, I’m coming for you, Sandra.” Therefore, it appears that the two are going strong. However, not in an Owen-Cristina manner. Yet.

Who is Sandra Oh?

Among her films is “Sideways.” Sandra Oh is the daughter of South Korean immigrants who immigrated to the United States in the 1960s before relocating to Canada, where she was born.


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Sandra is not immune to paparazzi and media speculation, despite her best efforts to keep her personal life under wraps. After five years of dating, the world learned in 2003 that the actress married Oscar-winning director Alexander Payne. Since that time, Alexander has remarried.

According to IMDb, Luddington’s co-star Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) also has an accent because he is from Elgin, Scotland. Pixar chose the Grey’s actor to voice the father and son MacGuffin characters in the 2012 film Brave. … “Pixar is so meticulous that they enjoy the concept of a true dialect.”