Are Calah and Steven Still Together? Latest Updates 2023!

When the final episode of Joe Millionaire aired on March 10, 2022, Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee were faced with a difficult decision. The two Joes made certain decisions throughout the series that really startled viewers, and the last episode of the show was no exception.

From Joe Millionaire’s first season, Steven McBee appears to be quite done with Calah Jackson. Steve chose Calah on the final episode of the season, although there were no cameras present. Are Calah and Steven from Joe Millionaire still a couple? Read the story below to learn if Steven and Calah from Joe Millionaire are still together.

Are Calah and Steven Still Together in 2023?

Kurt F. Sowers and Steven McBee are required to select and date two ladies while keeping a millionaire’s identity a secret. Calah Jackson was the first person Steven ever met, and he liked her right immediately. Steve had a good feeling about Annie Jorgensen, and she shared his sense of connection, but he can’t stop thinking about Calah, who is silent and enigmatic.

Are Calah and Steven Still Together

That’s right, Steven and Calah are still together. After the episode, Kurt and Amanda’s romance ended, while Steven and Calah’s is still going strong. They both have uploaded pictures of their respective relationships on Instagram.

Calah also tweeted after the final episode, “I stand by this remark.” She was describing how she had told Steven that in their new home, he could only have one repair made to the antlers.

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Steven claimed to be extremely wealthy, not because he was wealthy but rather because he had two wonderful parents. The Fox star is much wealthy now that he has Calah, and the two are constructing a home together.

Calah Relocated to Steven’s Farm Before the Season Was Over

Despite not being married, Steven and Calah cohabit in Steven’s home in Missouri. According to Steven, their new home in Kansas City should be finished by the end of March.

They found it more difficult to conceal their connection as a result of all these major milestones, particularly in Steven’s small hamlet. But they were able to keep it quiet up to Joe Millionaire’s conclusion. Does Calah Interact With Any “Joe Millionaire: for Richer or Poorer” Characters?

Are Calah and Steven Still Together

If you want to win on a game show like Joe Millionaire, you might have to let some people go along the road. But for Calah, that’s not always the case. She claimed to be “friends” with Steven’s other candidate, Annie Jorgensen, to Distractify. She developed a unique bond with Whitney Young during the filming process.

I still stay in touch with the majority of the other contestants, which is really lovely, Calah remarked. “And I’d say Whitney and I have been the closest of all of us from the start. Kurt and I are also travelling to Dallas this weekend to mark the show’s conclusion.

No matter who she made allies or enemies with along the way, Calah managed to get the guy in the end, and that is what matters most.

Where are Calah and Steven Right Now?

In the Missouri town of Gallatin, where Steven is the owner of the home, Calah resides with him. However, the pair did mention that they are searching for a house in Kansas City.

The pair intends to keep themselves occupied in the interim by choosing furnishings for the new home and dining out at new establishments. Because of this, Steven and Calah are enjoying the time of their lives.

Calah and Steven both mentioned how difficult it was to keep their relationship a secret because they were unable to leave the house together.

Nevertheless, they spoke every day via FaceTime, and since Steven lives on a farm and the nearest neighbour is 5 miles away, Calah was able to visit him secretly. The two also discussed how they spend their time getting to know one another and cooking together. Their bond grew stronger as a result.