Alexandra Daddario Husband: When Did She First Met Him?

Alexandra Daddario has been a Hollywood staple for quite some time, thanks to parts as diverse as lifeguard in Baywatch and honeymooner in White Lotus. With Mayfair Witches, AMC’s adaptation of Anne Rice’s series Lives of the Mayfair Witches, Daddario will be back in the streaming spotlight on January 8.

The Emmy-nominated actress plays Dr. Rowan, who learns that she is a member of a family of witches in New Orleans and must fight evil. Fans may be curious in her real-life personal life, given the likely complexity of her on-screen romance.

Who is Alexandra Daddario’s Husband?

Alexandra Daddario has reportedly connected with the love of her life. Now, Daddario, who is 36 years old, has been a contentedly married man for the past half a year. And although if her forays into the occult are purely works of fiction, her spouse comes from a family with a long history in the horror genre.

The following provides any and all information pertaining to Alexandra Daddario’s spouse, Andrew Form.

Alexandra Daddario Husband

Who is Andrew Form?

He is an established film producer and was one of the co-founders of the American production firm that goes by the name Platinum Dunes. According to IMDb, some of his most prominent works are A Quiet Place, The Purge, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He has a net worth of $30 million.

Given his background, it’s not hard to see that Andrew has a passion for the macabre. According to a report from Distractify, Andrew has risen up the ranks since beginning his career working as a production assistant for Jerry Bruckheimer. As a result, he has achieved a great deal of popularity and fortune.

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Who Was He Previously Married to?

Form was previously married to Jordana Brewster for 13 years. Brewster and Form first worked together on the set of Brewster’s 2005 film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, for which Form served as producer. They tied the knot on Nevis in an intimate ceremony back in May of 2007.

“We started dating in secret — you know, hanging out in my trailer — because it would have been unprofessional otherwise,” Brewster said to InStyle Weddings before the wedding.

A source close to the couple told PEOPLE in June 2020 that Form and Brewster had “quietly separated” earlier in the year. According to divorce papers acquired by PEOPLE, Brewster filed for divorce one month later. With Brewster, Form has two sons: Rowan (born 2016) and Julian (born 2013). In an interview with PEOPLE published in April 2017, Brewster discussed her kids’ unique traits.

“Julian has a massive temper,” she shared. “Rowan is very mellow so far, so he’s a lot more like my husband, whereas Julian … he gets over things really quickly, so that’s like me, but he flares up. I think that’s his Brazilian blood.”

A source close to the former couple told PEOPLE that even after their 2020 divorce, Form and Brewster “remain committed to lovingly co-parent their two children as a team.”

When Did She First Met Him?

Alexandra Daddario Husband

Daddario and Form first crossed paths by complete and utter chance when Form was strolling around New York City during a layover during a shutdown when he happened to run into Daddario on the street. According to what she shared with Vogue,  “He turned back and said ‘hi’ just as I was turning around to glance back at him,” she told Vogue.

“I laughed and said ‘hi,’ and then we both laughed about how we were the only two people on what is normally an incredibly busy street, and he asked if he could take me to dinner.”  They made the decision to get hitched in August of 2021 after drinking “too much wine” on a trip to Athens, which is where Form was filming Jack Ryan at the time. It would appear that they will continue to share bottles indefinitely.

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When Did They Got Married?

In the beginning, Daddario desired to get married in Italy so that she could “drink Italian wine for three days straight.” However, after attending her friends’ exquisite wedding in New Orleans, she decided that she would rather get married in the Big Easy in in June 2022.


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According to what Daddario told Vogue,  “We wanted it to be about music, drinking, and authentic New Orleans,” Following the wedding that took place at Preservation Hall, the renowned jazz band that was housed inside the venue walked the guests to the French Quarter, where they spent the evening eating cheeseburgers, dancing, and getting their tarot cards read.

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The couple took sure to dress appropriately for the warm weather in Louisiana when it came to their wardrobes. While Daddario wore a long pleated dress and trailing tulle veil designed by Danielle Frankel, Form donned a lightweight pinstriped suit by Brunello Cuccinelli. She also carried around a delicate white parasol at one point.