Who is Sara Lee’s Husband? How Long They Have Been Married?

Former WWE wrestler Sara Lee, who rose to stardom after appearing on the reality program Tough Enough, has passed away at the age of 30. After winning the sixth season of the competition, Lee won a one-year deal with the WWE network. She eventually gained notoriety inside the independent wrestling circuit.

Her mother posted on Facebook on Thursday (October 6) to notify her passing. The cause of death remains unknown. As wrestling fans pay online respect to Sara Lee, others are wondering about her husband Cory, who is also well-known in the wrestling industry.

Who is Sara Lee's Husband Wesley Blake?

Professional wrestler Wesley Blake, whose true name is Corey James Weston, is 35 years old. He currently performs on the independent circuit under the name Westin Blake, but he is most known for his time in WWE under the name Wesley Blake.

Who is Sara Lee’s Husband? How Long They Have Been Married?

He was born in San Marcos, Texas, and participated in high school and collegiate football. Corey once said that he wanted to be a professional wrestler since he was three years old, and he achieved his goal after graduating from college.

In 2011, at the age of 24, he made his debut under his true name. In 2013, he signed with WWE.

During his first year in NXT, Corey portrayed a cowboy character and later created a tag team that won the Tag Team Championship once. In April 2021, he was released from WWE and unveiled his new ring name on social media. To know more information about Westly Blake visit here.

How long have Sara Lee and Wesley Blake been Married?

The wedding of Sara Lee and Corey took place on December 30, 2017. He once disclosed to television host Chris Van Vliet the first time he saw Sara at the performance facility.

Corey stated, “When Tough Enough was first released, I would go to a friend's place to see it. I will never forget when the eleven Tough Enough contestants were unveiled. “When I saw Sara on the screen, I told the boys, ‘I don't know what it is, but I believe she is the most gorgeous lady I've ever seen.'

“It was insane, as this occurred before the show even existed. By sheer chance, she ends up winning.”

Who is Sara Lee’s Husband? How Long They Have Been Married?

This couple has one daughter and two sons. Prior to their wedding, they welcomed their first and only daughter Piper in 2017. In 2019, they welcomed their first son, Brady, and just two years later, they welcomed their second son. Their youngest son was only a year old when Sara passed away.

Fans Send Condolences to the Westly and Sara Lee family

Fans of the professional wrestling duo have flooded social media with condolences for Sara Lee's family and husband, Cory. One admirer posted on Twitter, “Rest In Peace to Sara Lee, praying for her young children and husband,” in homage to the former WWE star.

Continued: “Rest in peace, Sara Lee. I'm currently considering her young children and her husband. So unexpectedly sad.” A third person echoed, “Rest in peace, Sara Lee. My condolences to her husband and children, as well as the rest of her friends and family. I can only imagine how devastating this time is for them.”


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