Watamote Season 2 Release Date: is the Anime Renewed or Cancelled?

The chances seem to be against the Watamote season 2 right now. The creators have adequate source material, but over the past seven years, the popularity of the anime series has gradually declined. The series has been airing in Japan since August 4, 2011. On July 8, 2013, a manga series was adapted for all anime viewers. Although Season 1 has officially ended, viewers are eager for more. Will they receive Watamote season 2? Continue reading this article to learn more about Watamote season 2.

Brief Information About Watamote Season 2

Name Watamote Season 2
Directed by Shin Oonuma
OTT platform Netflix
Watamote Season 1 Release Date July 9, 2013
Watamote Season 2 Release Date Yet to be confirmed

About Watamote

Tomoko Kuroki, a 15-year-old girl who struggles with melancholy and social anxiety, serves as the story’s main character. Due to this, she is not the most rational of people and frequently snaps at those who are close to her in an effort to garner attention. She merely tries to fit in with her friends, but because of her mental state, she is unable to communicate her sentiments to others and is instead left alone in her own world. This frequently results in irritation and angry outbursts, which worsen her relationship with her close friends.

Watamote Season 2 Release Date

What is the Potential Release Date of Watamote Season 2?

The anime series’ s  first season was created by Silver Link Studios. When it comes to disclosing information regarding the anime’s second season, they are, nevertheless, quiet. The programme was neither cancelled nor renewed for a second season. And the fans are still unsure as to whether WataMote Season 2 will air or not. The future of the anime series is still up in the air, but fans should soon receive an update.

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Watamote Characters

It undoubtedly boasts one of the best character lists, which accounts for its popularity with anime enthusiasts. The character list for season 2 is, however, not entirely apparent, but we may anticipate seeing the same faces.

The characters list of previous seasons is Tomoko Kuroki (Voiced by Izumi Kitta); Tomoko’s mother (Voiced by Risa Hayamizu); Tomoko’s father (Voiced by Ryō Iwasaki); Kii’s mother (Voiced by Aki Kaneda); Kiko Satozaki (Voiced by Rie Kugimiya); Kotomi Komiyama (Voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi); Yuu Naruse (Voiced by Kana Hanazawa); Akane Okada (Voiced by Ayaka Asai); Hina Nemoto (Voiced by Yūko Kurose); Suzuki (Voiced by Shūhei Iwase); Yoshinori Kiyota (Voiced by Kengo Takanashi); Hatsushiba (Voiced by Tomokazu Sugita) and many more.

Watamote Season 2 Release Date

The Plot: Storyline of Watamote Season 2?

Let me warn you up front that this section includes spoilers before we continue.

This series’ initial season is primarily focused on Tomoko Kurri. She is accustomed to the notoriety she has attained in the gaming industry. She believed that once she started high school, her life would continue to revolve on video games. But as she is hit hard by reality, she realizes how insecure she is. She began to grow bored with the folks. She considered trying to regain her internet notoriety in the offline world.

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Now turning to Watamote season 2, the show will once more return to the moment when it ends. The populace is eagerly anticipating and wishing for another season. Fans of the show anticipate it, but they remain hopeful.

Watamote Season 2 Trailer

There is already a Watamote season one trailer available online. We don’t have any updates on the Watamote trailer because it hasn’t been renewed. Given the length of time that has gone, the release of Season 2 is quite doubtful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a WataMote series on Netflix?

Now, if you haven’t already watched this series and would like to, go to Netflix. Yes, Netflix has the exclusive right to broadcast the WataMote series on their streaming service, which increases the show’s popularity.

Is WataMote complete?

People were absolutely obsessed with the series, which was on television for a very long time. The Shoujo Award has already been given to the show. In terms of the show’s conclusion, it has already happened. Although the series has already ended airing, it is not quite over. The manga series has been definitively finished by the authors.

What is the IMDB ratings of WataMote ?

This anime programme has an IMDB rating of 7.2/10.