15+ Popular Mangastream Alternatives in 2021 (100% Working)

In this digital world where motion pictures are on the top of the entertainment list, the fanbase of comics is still quite massive. Many people relish reading comics, and Mangastream is one of the well-known comic websites that is admired by a lot of people.

But due to some of the reasons, Mangastream is getting shut down, so there is a high need for the best alternatives for Mangastream. In this article, we will be sharing what actually happened to the Mangastream and the reason for its shutdown, and of course the best options that are available with you regarding the same.

So, Let’s Proceed:

Best Mangastream Alternatives

Well, there are numerous alternative websites available for Mangastream, but we have picked the best alternatives websites for you that will provide you with high-quality content. Do read all of these so that you can know what special they have for you.

1. MangaDex

The first one that we have for you is MangaDex. In MnagaDex, you will get not only different Manga but also various versions of Manga as well. Multiple versions include colored versions and alternatives fan-fiction endings and alternatives fan-fiction endings and official crossover manga series.

With MangaDex, you can access manga in 20 different languages…Isn’t it amazing? Not only this, but you can also create your group of a specific character, or you can follow the existing groups. In the forums on the website, you can discuss your views and opinion regarding Manga comics.




Mangastream Alternatives

2. MangaFox

Another excellent alternative for MangaFox that we have for you is MangaFox.

The website is so popular that many fake websites are available with this name. So, be careful about the website. The original website name is Mangafox. online.

MangaFox will quickly fulfill all your Manga comics urge. The updates are fast on the sites as the new manga series get available on the same day of its official release. MangaFox offers you a user-friendly and clean interface for Manga reading. Moreover, for better user experience, MangaFox includes adaptive zoom for better reading.

You can also try the MangaFox app that will even provide you better manga reading experience. Still, the app is not available on any official app platforms like Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Mangastream Alternatives


TenManga Mangastram Alternates

Mangastream Alternatives

3. MangaReader

The next alternative that we have for you is MangaReader. It is a website that has a high resemblance to the Original Mangastream Website. With its classic user interface and Manga, Comics in English does not let you miss any manga comic.

The most exciting feature of MangaReader is – “Surprise me.” If you want to read any of the random manga comics, click on “Surprise me,” and MangaReader will display comics for you. The MangaReader supports all the devices-mobile, PCs.

On MangaReader, you will find all the manga comics in high-quality and superb print, and the only requirement is to enter the first letter of the comic. Now, get ready to enjoy your manga comic on MangaReder.

Mangastream Alternatives

4. MangaKakalot

Are you new to Manga comics?


If yes, you undoubtedly require a guide in the initial stage, and MangaKakalot is for you as it is the whole place where you will find everything, including completed mangas.

With this, you can easily and quickly access all the latest mangas. It is an easy-to-use website where you can read all the manga comics online. If you have a newly developed flavor for Manga Comics then you should try this site.

5. MangaPanda

Another alternative for Mangastream is MangaPanda. As soon as you open the website, you will go through 1000s of Manga comics in a high-quality and easy-to-access way. You can access the website on any device. You can search for all the major genres like adventure, action, mystery, thriller, adventure, and many more.

Mangastream Alternatives

If you like the original Mangastream website, you will also admire this website because it has a similar look as the original Mangastream website. Moreover, if you press the “Surprise Me” option, then the website will pick a random comic for you, and watching a random comic is not a bad option.

6. MangaEden

The next alternative for you is MangaEden. It is a simple and easy-to-use website with manga comics available in English and Italian. You will get regular updates on this website. The Dragon Ball Super and One punch are the most regularly updated comics on the website.

Mangastream Alternatives

Apart from reading the manga comic on the website, you can also add any manga comic you want. If you have read various comics, you can help other readers by uploading the comics that are not on the website. So, it is an excellent website if you have good experience in comic reading.

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7. Mangago

Mangano is one of the best alternatives for Mangastream. It provides you with a user-friendly interface and a special section for your feeds to discuss with other readers, and you can even post your queries in the section. The website offers you the best manga comics and a massive collection of comics. Its comic collection includes Dragon Ball, One-piece, and many more.

Mangastream Alternatives

Moreover, it also provides you with a different update section so that you update yourself regarding these websites. The most appreciable piece of this website is that it doesn’t show any ad. It is one of the most recommended websites in place of the mainstream.

It shows different categories related to manga comics so you can quickly reach your desired comic. You can access all the comics with high convenience through this website.

8. Mangairo

Another site to look for your favorite manga is Mangairo. The site has a vast collection of manga comics ranging from very popular to the newest ones. Mangairo is updated regularly, so you will get all the original manga comics here.

Mangastream Alternatives

Furthermore, the website is decent, and it provides you with different categories. You can even search for your manga comic, or you can sort your manga under the genre for ease. The site offers you a primary interface that is straightforward to use.

For better user experience, Mangairo is available in different languages and accessible on various platforms. It is an ad-free site so, you will not be disturbed by ads and can enjoy all your favorite manga comics without interruptions.

9. Manganelo

Are you looking for an extensive vast collection of Manga comics?

If yes..then you must try Manganelo.

Mangastream Alternatives

Manganelo is a Mangastream alternative that has an immense collection of Manga comics. The website has a vast database, and many other manga websites search engine uses it. You will get more than 40 genres and each genre is high-quality.

It has different categories and sections for further ease, and you can simply visit the section as per your requirement. It is simple to use the website, and you can save data on the website by uploading the image on the website once, and you can access it later on.

10. MangaFreak

Do you wish to download the manga comics so that you can enjoy it anytime?

If yes..then MangaFreak is for you.

Mangastream Alternatives

MangaFreak allows you to read the manga comics online and download the Manga comics from this. You can access your downloaded manga comic anytime with an internet collection. The website is not so popular, but the users of this site admire this website a lot.

Its copied websites are also available on the internet so, do visit the original website. No doubt, the website has high-quality manga comics across the different sections, but the website shows many ads, which is disappointing. Actually, sometimes these ads hinder the user experience.

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11. Comixology

Comixology is a digital comic website that works well with iOS, web, and android. For quick access, you can download its mobile application. In this, you can customize your search preference based on the genre that you like.

Mangastream Alternatives

Because of its features, it is taken as one of the best websites as Mangastream. You can read all your manga comics in English at any of the devices. It provides different sections for quick access.

Do let us know your opinion regarding this website.

12. ToonGet

ToonGet is one of the Mangastream alternatives that provides you with a lot of great content. It gives you up-to-date content and a delightful collection of manga comics. Along with manga comics, it provides an option to watch all your favorite anime shows as well.

Mangastream Alternatives

It offers you a simple interface, and you can easily browse all your comics. For free content, the site doesn’t require any sign-up, and you can access the website from any platform.

13. Mangastream. Today

Mangastream. today is an excellent alternative for Mangastream as this website also provides a vast collection of mangas comics. It is an easy-to-use and user-friendly website which gives you different sections of different genres.

Mangastream Alternatives

It provides you three options for browsing-

Browse by Genre

First Letter of the comic and,


You can browse content by any of the methods.

14. Chia-Anime

Mangastream Alternatives

The next alternative for you is Chia-Anime. Chia-Anime has limited content, but the content is well-updated, and they work continuously on the website. Moreover, it provides you with a search box for easy finding of manga comics. The content on the website is free, and there are no disturbing ads on the site. You can access this site from any platform.

15. Viz Media

The next alternative that we have for you is Viz Media. Viz Media is a free application for Android and iOS devices with in-app purchases, but you have to buy the PC version’s subscription plan.

Mangastream Alternatives

It is not only limited to Manga, but you can also access Japanese anime and stories with Viz Media. With this app, you can access the entire Japanese anime and manga in one place. Isn’t it unusual?

You will get all the animes and manga in English, and you can search your manga with its title in the search box.

16. Comicwalker

Proceeding with the list further, the next alternative is Comicwalker. The website has all the popular manga comics. It has more than 200 titles, and you can search the comic by its title or by popular genres, or by attention words.

Mangastream Alternatives

It supports three languages, and the content may vary depending on the selected language. You can access Comicwalker on multiple devices so, enjoy your comic on your device.

17. BookWalker

BookWalker is hugely made for manga and light novel fans. The website has an extensive database with different categories. On your first purchase on BookWalker, it offers you a 50% coin back on your initial settlement.

Mangastream Alternatives

It has different sections:

On newly added

Simulpub Release

On Sale


Animated Series

Completed Series and many more.

Along with this, you can search directly in the search box, your desired manga or light novel.

18. Comico

Another alternative is Comico. You will get immensely relishing content on Comico. It has categories and sections that will help you find your desired comic easily for your further ease. The website is available in Japanese languages.

Mangastream Alternatives

Give it a try; let me share your experience.

19. Myreadingmanga

The next one that we have is Myreadingmanga. It allows you to search the manga comics directly or select the category as it provides you with different types.

Mangastream Alternatives

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It has different sections, including Ask and Upload. Through, ask section, you can ask any question and discuss it with other Myreadingmanga readers. In the Upload section, you can upload any comic-related images that you think will benefit other members of Myreadingmanga.

Well! You nearly take a look at this report. I hope that you enjoy it:P but I also know a fantastic streaming platform such as manga here. You may test it: Movie4k, Mangastream, Filmyzilla, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions | Mangastream

For those who don’t know about Mangastream:

What is Mangastream?

Mangastream is a popular comic Japanese website that provides an astonishing collection of comics. You can avail yourself of different groups of comics through this website.

The fans and users of Mangastream translate the comics into different languages, and all the readers can access that translated comics free of cost. Since the website was offering content free of charge – Mangastream was enjoying a high user base. Download any movies like mangastream for free check here- UWatchFree: The Complete Details Revealed

With its high-quality and free content, it was on the top list of the comics admires. Now, the original website is shut down and no longer in service, but there is a clone website “mangastream.cc,” which is still active, and you can access it.

Are you curious to know the reason behind the Mangastream shut-down then stay tuned?

Why the Website is shut-down? And Reasons for the shutdown of Mangastream?

As per the sources, Mangastream is illegal and provides duplicate content, and the website is not working now. The owner of the Manga comic has alleged on the website owner and closed it down.

According to the Manga Comic owner, Mangastream was providing the Manga Comics free of cost, which is illegal. So, the website is closed.

What happened to the site Mangastream?

There were allegations on the website that they are showing duplicate content, and back in 2012, owners announced to put an end to the scanlations of WSJ titles, and now they have completed closed the website and their services.

To promote traditional and noble methods of reading Manga, Mangastream has decided to close its services.

What was illegal about Mangastream?

Since Mangastream was offering duplicate content, so the Owners of the Manga Series alleged it and said that the website is illegal, and as a result, Mangastream is closed.

With the closing of the Mangastream, the fans are disappointed, and there is a high need for the alternative as still comic is an excellent source of entertainment.

So, are you also the one who is looking for the best alternatives for Mangastream. If yes…be with us till the end.

How much does it cost to read comic books on Mangastream?

Mangastream is a free website. You do not have to pay anything to avail of the Mangastream website’s services, and you can read all your manga comics for free.

Is the content present on Mangastream authentic?

All the content on the website is pirated. The Japanese manga comics are translated and are published on the website in different languages so that any user can freely read manga comics.

What are the most popular Manga comics these days?

The most popular Manga comics which are popular these days are:

  • One Piece
  • Naruto
  • Dragon Ball
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Is taking the subscription Necessary?

The site is absolutely free for all users. The need is only is to sign up for the Mangastream. So, there is no need for a subscription.

Is registration necessary to access manga sites?

It is not always necessary to register on manga sites to access the content on manga sites.

What is Mangas Plus?

It is an online Manga platform and app. It is available worldwide except in Japan, China, South Korea. Manga-Plus publishes English-translated versions of various latest serialized manga series.

How much Money does MangaStream make?

The estimated worth of the website is $36,433.

What are the famous Manga Comics on MangaStream?

The most popular manga comics are My Hero Academia, Shokugeki No Soma, and Promised Neverland.


Mangastream is a website that helps you to read manga comics irrespective of the published language as the website provides translated English content of manga series. Since the website is closed and manga comic admirer is looking for the best Mangastream alternatives.

To help you with that, we have published all the beat manga sites that are available. Depending on your needs and choice, you can select an alternative to Mangastream. Do let us know which one you choose and Why you choose it.

Hoping you all got deep insight into these tools, and we have cleared all your doubts. If you still have any questions regarding these, let us know in the remark section; we will surely assist you with that.