Longmire Season 6: Cast, Plot, Trailers, Spoilers & Updates!

What's the last season of Longmire brings for his fans?

This article is updated on 27 January 2022: Longmire was officially released in 2012 and it’s been such a long time since the fans have watched its last season. The series is one of a kind and that’s the reason why the fans of the show are missing out on some details. After the end of the fifth season, there was an immense demand for the second season. With the show being released, there are many questions inside the head of the viewers. Longmire Season 6 has become one of the most popular seasons in the history of the drama series.

If you want to know each & every detail about Longmire Season 6, then you are at the right place. We have the information, what you are looking for. We will be providing you the Storyline, List of episodes, Summary of the episodes of the sixth season, the cast, and much more about the last season of Longmire.

Longmire Season 6 Release Date

For the fans who have been wondering about the sixth season of the series, it is already released, The Season 6 of Longmire was released on November 17, 2017. The show did great and praised by critics and also by the audience, Rotten Tomatoes score is 86% out of 100. Season 6 is the finale of the series, and they ended the story in this season.

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Longmire Season 6- Episode List

The sixth installment has six seasons which covers the whole story that we have mentioned below-

  1. The Eagle And The Osprey
  2. Fever
  3. Thank You, Victoria
  4. A Thing Will Never Understand
  5. Burned Up My tears
  6. No Greater Character Endorsement
  7. Opiates and Antibiotics
  8. Cowboy Bill
  9. Running Eagle Challenge
  10. Goodbye Is Always ImpliedLongmire SEason 6Black Sails Season 5: A New Season Is On the Way Or They Are Just Rumors? Know Everything Here

Storyline Of Longmire Season 6

Walt Longmire is the main character of this series, he is a sheriff of fictional Absaroka County. He and his friend Henry provides perception to and on occasion aids in managing tribal police.

Both of them face the troubles of gambling at an online casino on the reservation, problems of competing for jurisdictional authority for shielding human beings and prosecuting crimes, and other problems of contemporary local American life.

The ending of episodes of season 6 are:

“Running Eagle Challenge” Episode no. 9

Vic’s father visits her home and her father wants her to return to Philadelphia with him, she doesn’t want to return. Agent Vance from Boston works with Walt to tune down the decker who has gone missing after his assembly with Walt at the same time as henry tracks down the person who signed for the heroin shipments at the casino.

With the use of the seized heroin as bait, they are capable of seizing decker who confesses to working for Shane Muldoon; after receiving a photo of Shane’s supposedly dead body,

Decker tells Walt the place where he’ll be meeting Malachi. Vic controls her emotion and started to move forward. Cady and Zach are now in a relationship and Cady tries to convince her father to rehire Zach. Nighthore spends all his money which he earned from Casino to pay for his bail.

“Goodbye Is Always Implied” Episode no. 10

Dealing with criminal charges, Nighthorse offers Henry to assume control over the club in his nonappearance, yet both are captured by Malachi’s men. Malachi powers Nighthorse to give up the deeds while Walt, Vic, Ferg, Mattias, and a rehired Zach look for him.

Walt is supported by the Crow medication lady, yet they are trapped by one of Malachi’s men who lethally wound the elderly person.

With the assistance of hints on the image of Shane’s body and the shooter’s garments, the gathering tracks Malachi to an old sawmill on the Crow reservation, where they stifle the greater part of Malachi’s men and a got away from Henry’s murders to Darius.

Walt is left with a decision of whether to save Nighthorse and decides to make the best choice. Malachi is executed by Walt in the last conflict and the deeds are recuperated. In the repercussions, Henry assumes control over the club while Ferg accommodates with Meg and Vic and Walt start a relationship.

Walt chooses to resign and urges Cady to run for sheriff in his place while Walt looks for the lost fortune that Lucian professed to have found.Longmire Season 6 Storyline

The Cast Of Longmire Season 6

  • Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire
  • Katee Sackhoff as Victoria “Vic” Moretti
  • Lou Diamond Phillips as Henry Standing Bear
  • Bailey Chase as Branch Connally
  • Cassidy Freeman as Cady Longmire
  • Adam Bartley as Archie The Ferg

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Drama Name Longmire
Category Western
Release Date Released
Developer John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin
No. of Sequel 6


Where Can I Watch Longmire Season 6?

You can watch Longmire Season 6 on so many streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Justwatch.com, Netflix, MSN, Flicks, Tv Guide, Warnerbros.com, and Vudu.Longmire Season 6

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