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Leni Klum’s Reunion With Her Real Dad: How Did They Meet?

Leni Klum, Heidi Klum’s oldest child, met her biological father in Italy in 2018. Before the German-American supermodel wed Tom Kaulitz, Seal, Heidi’s ex-husband, had raised Leni as his own for all these years.

Here is everything you need to know about Flavio, the Italian businessman who is Leni‘s biological father and who was featured in news stories last year along with images of Leni and her father.

Who Is Leni’s Real Father?

Flavio Briatore is Leni Klum‘s real dad. Early in 2003, Heidi Klum dated the 68-year-old Italian businessman. After their breakup in 2004, Leni was born.

In addition, Flavio Briatore was the Commercial Director for the Benetton Formula One team before being named the MD of the company.

Additionally, until 2009, he served as Renault’s team manager. Following various charges, Flavio left Renault in 2009.

Flavio has a reputation as Benetton’s playboy in addition to being a nightclub owner, soccer magnate, and most importantly, a “babe magnet.”

Leni Klum's Reunion With Her Real Dad

The cause of his breakup with Heidi was his implausible personality. Aside from Heidi, Flavio is also known for dating some of the most stunning women in the world, including Adriana Volpe, Eva Herzigova, Naomi Campbell, and Elle Macpherson.

Seal, the ex-husband of the supermodel who had three other children with him before they broke up, adopted Leni after their divorce.

According to rumors, Heidi and Briatore kept in touch and even got together in 2018 for a tender reunion. Leni finally got to meet her father at this period, so to speak.

Leni’s Emotional Moment With Her Real Father

Leni’s photos with Flavio Briatore, her biological father, were shared by a number of news organizations in 2018.

Leni Klum's Reunion With Her Real Dad

At the Cala Di Volpe hotel in Porto Cervo, the Italian businessman allegedly met Leni and Heidi for dinner. They were joined by Sean, the father of Heidi’s three children from a previous marriage.

According to a source, “Everyone was cheerful and having fun,” the website reports, noting that Flavio also joined the family for dinner.

If he continues to visit Leni on a daily basis or if this was just an isolated incident is unknown. Flavio discussed his bond with his daughter in a prior interview.

Leni is his legitimate daughter, he claimed, but the three of them concurred that Seal should have adopted her instead because children need to grow up in families, something Playboy could not provide. Flavio claimed to have established a solid bond with Seal and Heidi in 2016.

It was revealed that when Leni was a child, she used to call Flavio. Heidi and Flavio were both living at the time, with Heidi in Los Angeles and Flavio in London.

With the model Elisabetta Gregoraci, whom Flavio had married in 2008, at that time, he also gave birth to a son. Flavio said he had reconciled himself with the circumstance in his earlier interview. A baby you never see is difficult to ignore.

Leni is not an orphan, though, as I am aware of. Seal‘s family is made up of Leni, and mine is made up of Nathan,” said Flavio. ‘AGT’ judge Tom Kaulitz and supermodel Heidi Klum, 46, recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary.

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