Hubie Halloween: A likeable and hilarious Adam Sandler delivers yet again


Hubie Halloween is a classic Adam Sandler comedy routine with exaggerated jokes and a whimsical and absurd premise. It somehow makes you laugh but also makes you question things if you haven’t banished logic from your brain while watching this movie.

Hubie Dubois played by Adam Sandler is a dimwitted man who is mostly made fun of by the people of Salem, Massachusetts. He is a moron who constantly is either picked upon or is considered annoying. The story has the typical element of Adam Sandler’s weird voice and his antiques that make the movie a fun and entertaining delight for an Adam Sandler fan.


The movie was released on October 7, 2020. It was directed by Steven Brill and was written by Adam Sandler himself and Timothy Patrick Herlihy. Cameron Boyce was going to appear in the movie before his death in 2019 and the movie is dedicated to him.

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Adam Sandler’s decision to do a comedy film after Uncut Gems is considered to be good because that is what he is good at and everything has a place in the cinema and there should always be space for fluff and that’s what Sandler’s niche is.


Cast and Characters

Hubie Halloween is plunged with a hilarious cast that will make the audience excited about all kinds of laughable instances the movie entails. Hubie Dubois is played by Adam Sandler himself and he doesn’t fail to deliver as he makes sure that his comic side is always on top. Kevin James nails the role of the police sergeant Steve Downey. Julie Brown plays Violet Valentine who is Hubie’s love interest and Hubie has been in love with her since second grade.

Hubie Halloween

Steve Buscemi plays the role of the suspicious neighbor Walter Lambert who Hubie doubts from the very beginning of the movie. Rob Schneider is casted as Hubie’s schoolmate and his relevance in the movie’s plot is that he has escaped from a local mental hospital in Salem. Shaquille O’Neil plays the role of DJ Aurora who has a very weird set of vocal chords.

Ray Liotta plays the role of Pete Landolfa and is a rude man who recently lost his father and is one of Hubie's bullies who ridicules him just as the rest of the people in the town.

Was the Premise Absurd or Fun?

The movie revolves around the incessant bullying of Hubie Dubois by everyone in the town of Salem. Hubie lives with his mom and has been always considered an idiot by most of the people in the town. It is time for Halloween and that’s where the mystery and the paranoia plays a big role.

Hubie is suspicious of his creepy neighbor, Walter Lambert and since Hubie is more invested in roaming around the town and ensuring everyone’s safety instead of running the Deli he owns, he goes to the police station.

Hubie Halloween

One day before Halloween, Hubie’s childhood friend Richie Hartman has escaped from the local mental hospital named as Werewolf Treatment Center. The name itself shows that the movie is trying too hard to make everyone laugh. This urgency may or may not land as well as the makers had hoped.

Sergeant Steve Downey is already annoyed by him and in order to get rid of him and get him busy, he asks him to become “AUU” (auxiliary undercover unit). He is told that his job is to monitor halloween festivities in the town which Hubie takes very seriously.

In the town fair, chaos breaks out and Hubie thinks that a dog is his creepy neighbor while he is pranked and told that a child has been lost as he enters the corn maze to save the child. A lot of things happen simultaneously, thus creating a hilarious chaos that is expected from a movie of this kind. Rubie is framed for kidnapping Pete and in the end, it is revealed that someone was trying to avenge Rubie all this time.

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The plot doesn’t make sense but that is exactly why it is funny as something or the other keeps you engaged at all times in an otherwise boring movie. There is pure fun rolled neatly in the absurdity of this whimsical plot.

What Is the Verdict for Hubie Halloween?

Hubie Halloween is a package of laughter, idiocy and a mind-numbing chaos that doesn’t seem to stop during the entire length of the film where a moron ends up becoming the mayor of the town.

it is also revealed that people are actually jealous of Hubie but aren’t we all a little jealous of Adam Snadler and how he can make everything funnier than it is? If you wanna watch a film that tickles your bones but also makes you a little bitter because you start thinking that you are smarter than all the characters in the movie then this Halloween themed Adam Sandler is ready to deliver justice to you on a platter.

Hubie Halloween

This movie has all kinds of random gags and jokes that sometimes land or are otherwise way too exaggerated and do not sit well with a certain kind of audience. The movie is supposed to be watched without putting much pressure on one’s cerebral impulses that will make one ask logical questions that the movie is not going to answer because it isn’t about that.


It is a relaxing, funny movie that you can watch on a quiet night when you are too depressed to get out of the bed but no point in going to the multiplex, that is, if the movie had been released there. But you can definitely watch it on Netflix and laugh a little after a bad day at work.