Exploring Springfield Hellcat Holsters: A Comprehensive Guide for Keeperfacts Readers

Gun enthusiasts of all kinds will have heard of the Springfield Hellcat, as it’s the world’s highest-capacity micro compact 9mm handgun. Displaying high functionality, a patented, extended magazine, and a focus on everyday carry; its aesthetics are almost as impressive as its performance. Selecting such a fantastic gun will require secure, high-quality accessories – and nothing short of the best holster will do.

Exploring leather holsters for the Springfield Hellcat

When it comes to selecting the right holster, only custom options are going to be able to meet the expected standards of safety and design. The best Springfield hellcat holster should be made from premium Italian leather and be double stitched with the finest grade threads to ensure durability. Options that are wet molded to exact replica models will provide the tightest fit, without impacting draw speeds or re-holstering. Buyers should be on the lookout for additional features, such as:

  • Belt slots
  • An open-top design
  • Adjustability and multi-position capabilities
  • Easy concealment
  • The option for different carry styles (including IWB and appendix styles)
  • Trigger protection
  • Specialist design for a comfortable fit
  • A steel-reinforced thumb break strap, tension screws, and similar

Of course, some of these will be model-specific, for example, some shoulder holsters will come with extra tie-down straps and a double ammo holder for better balance during wear

Types of leather holders

Your reasons for carrying a Springfield Hellcat will likely vary from the next person’s, so the type of holder you choose should fit your specific requirements. This means that it can be imperative to define exactly what you are looking for before buying to ensure you get exactly what you need. To assist in your selection, here is a closer look at some of the types of leather holsters on offer:

Cross draw holsters

These are specifically crafted to be worn by carriers who spend a lot of time sitting down, whether this is due to driving long hours or working a sedentary job. The design is focused on non-dominant side wear for a fast, smooth draw outside the waistband.

Tuckable IWB holsters

This leather holster has been constructed to meet both IWB and appendix carry needs for those who prefer easy access and a lightning-fast draw that is highly concealable. When choosing leather options, it will be easier to tuck a layer of clothing between the holster and belt loop, and many will feature a sweat guard for inside waistband needs.

Paddle holsters 

Paddle holsters are a solid choice among Springfield Hellcat owners, as many feature rotary paddles for convenient mounting. The right design should have adjustable screws for the ability to customize draw angles and carry heights, as well as a tension screw for better retention. Some will feature a thumb-break strap, whereas others may not, so keep this in mind.

These are just a small selection of the different types of leather Springfield Hellcat holsters available, and it’s easy to see how different features will affect or improve functionality for varying uses.