Zerozerozero Season 2: What About The Release of The Sequel?

ZeroZeroZero is an Italian drama which is created by three main names Stefano Sollima, Leonardo Fasoli, and Mauricio Katz for the very famous Sky Atlantic and for the Amazon Prime Video. The name of the series gets its name from the most perfect kind of flour (000).

The show is inspired by a book of the same name which is done by Roberto Saviano, in which an investigation of the business around the drug cocaine, covering its development across landmasses.

The series stars Andrea Riseborough, Dane DeHaan, and Gabriel Byrne as the American Lynwood family, controlling a global delivery organization that goes about as a cocaine intermediary between Mexican and Italian coordinated crime.

The first season become succesfull which is the reason everyone out is waiting for the season 2, so let’s check the releasing status of the anime.

Zerozerozero Season 2- Release Date

ZeroZeroZero season 2 hasn’t formally been requested at this point, and may not be given that it was initially charged as a miniseries. The series came out for the first time in February 2020 in the Italian version for the audience belongs to Italy.

Later on, the series has been released in various countries via merchant HBO Europe. In view of general crowd responses to the first season, it certainly appears as though there’s a craving for ZeroZeroZero season 2.

 At this time the show is not confirmed for more seasons but maybe in the future we could hope to get the show, many believed that the show has a chance to be out in 2022 or 2023, so let’s wait for more future updates.

Expected Storyline of The Zerozerozero Season 2

The series follows the upset excursion of a huge shipment of cocaine from Monterrey, Mexico to Gioia Tauro, Italy. The merchants are the narco siblings Enrique and Jacinto Leyra, who are supported their crimes by Manuel Quinteras and his gathering of degenerate officers.

The purchaser is Don Minu La Piana, a supervisor of the ‘Ndrangheta, whose position is tested by his grandson Stefano and the Curtiga family. The agents responsible for the shipment are the Lynwoods, an American family from New Orleans owning a renowned transportation organization.

The infighting inside the ‘Ndrangheta makes the shipment be rerouted to Africa, and the postponement has sensational ramifications for all the invested individuals. In the second installment we could hope to see the stroy would start from where it ends in the previous season.

What About The Official Teaser Zerozerozero Season 2?

The chance at getting the teaser is few months before the real conveyance of the resulting segment, so first, we need to trust that the series will get a go-ahead and after that, we could hope for the teaser.

When we get the teaser then we will update more in the same post, till then you can partake in this previous video clasp of Zerozerozero, just to cherish your memories.

Who Will Be In The Zerozerozero Season 2?

If there be a season second of the Zerozeozero, then we could expect to see the previous faces stepping back into the show again. Andrea Riseborough as Emma Lynwood, Dane DeHaan as Chris Lynwood, Giuseppe De Domenico as Stefano La Piana, Adriano Chiaramida as Don Damiano, Harold Torres as Manuel Quinteras and Noé Hernández as Varas.

On the other side, Tchéky Karyo has also chances to be there in the show as François Salvage with Francesco Colella as Italo Curtiga, Diego Cataño as Chino, Norman Delgadillo as Diego, Nika Perrone as Lucia, Stefano’s wife, and Gabriel Byrne as Edward Lynwood.

Rest of the actors for the series is Claudia Pineda as Chiquitita, Érick Israel Consuelo as Moko, Jesús Lozano as Gordo, José Salof as Indio, Flavio Medina as Jacinto Leyra, Víctor Huggo Martin as Enrique Leyra, Seydina Baldé as Omar Gamby and Nabiha Akkari as Amina.

ZeroZeroZero Season 2

Despite of the names, we could also expect some of the new faces in the show… What do you think? Share your opinions with us in our comment section.

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Final Words-

The creators haven’t revealed anything related to the Zerozerozero season 2, so for knowing all these we have to wait a bit more but no worries is spying on all the officials to get some more crispy news, so don’t forget to mark us in your bookmark section for getting all the latest updates super soon.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please do share your feedback in the comment section.

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