Zee5, Netflix’s India rival, HiPi makes a splash

Hi Folks! Welcome Back. After the Coronavirus outbreak all over the world and the brutal Border face-off between Indian and Chinese military, leaving 20 soldiers dead, India has banned 59 Chinese apps including ByteDance Ltd’s TikTok –a short video platform in India. 

Hence, Zee5 which is the streaming service set up by India’s biggest Private TV broadcaster is bringing in another competitor for Tiktok named as HiPi, the ban of Tiktok has nothing to do with the launch of this new app HiPi and its very coincidental that a competitor is being launched when the popular app is banned, because as per sources Zee5 Has already been working on HiPi since long time. 

Here’s everything about the platform by Zee5, HiPi.

About features and Launch of HiPi

Created for Indians and by Indians, offering high-quality content HiPi is not a different app but is incorporated in Zee5 only and like other segments it is one of them, the users can access HiPi under the same Zee5 subscription Plan. For now, HiPi is free of cost with ads supported on platform. 

Using this app HiPi, anyone be it commoners, celebrities, influencers can make a 90-sec video as told by the Chief Executive Officer of Zee5, Tarun Katial. 

Zee5, Netflix’s India rival, HiPi makes a splash

We all are aware that TikTok has been in limelight since its launch to create short music, lip syncing, dance, comedy, talent and other informational videos of 3 to 15 seconds and short looping videos of 3 to 60 seconds and was launched in 2017.The HiPi app is a platform for youthful and carefree community where everyone can express themselves and their talents freely and confidently.

Zee5 had offered to launch the new short-video platform Hipi on July 15, 2020.The timing of debuting the HiPi app is very interesting as TikTok is not accessible in India at present after the ban imposed by government in June, 2020.

As per Zee5, Hipi have approx. 400 influencers from day one of launch to attract new users. But for your information Hipi is not an only alternative of Tiktok, we already have Roposo, Chingari, Mitron, Bolo Indya which are Indian applications against the app which had more than 20 crore of Indian users. 

Zee5 has brought the app HiPi believing that it will set itself aside from the above mentioned already existing alternatives to Tiktok.

All the details of new app haven’t been shared, but some screenshot shared officially shows that the new app will require registration to view videos and also to share their videos, hence the experience with this app will be different from the Chinese App wherein the app allowed its users to view and share videos without any sign in or registration on Tiktok. 

Zee5 has been a content company for the last many decades now, always ensuring its subscribers the best quality content.

So, the new platform HiPi is set to cater its huge audiences with best of its features and around next year gamification, music and rewards will also be coming over as planned and informed by the Business Head, Rajneel Kumar.

Till then, keep yourself entertained with HiPi as never before.

We will keep you posted for more interesting Updates. Thank You!

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