What You Should Consider When Including Zebra Shades in Your Space

Zebra shades, also known as dual shades, are a new form of window treatment that consists of solid and sheer material strips that alternate to create stripes, hence the name. They are formed of two layers of unbroken pieces of fabric that blends see-through and light filtering stripes, allowing light to pass through when the first stripes overlap and blocking light when the latter stripes overlap. Zebra blinds are corded or remote-controlled shades that let you customize your room’s light filtering, insulation, and privacy. These shades can add uniqueness to your space. The stripes give the blind a classy aesthetic while still retaining a relaxed vibe. Zebra blinds are also adaptable, allowing them to be used in any room and on any window. The alternating fabric stripes enable light to seep through, creating a sense of privacy without completely obstructing natural light-making this style ideal for large windows or areas with high ceilings.

Zebra shades are often composed of high-quality polyester, resulting in a set of durable and long-lasting blinds. However, keep your shades clean and dusted to ensure that they last a lifetime because of the moving parts. When considering a zebra blind purchase, you can get the best window blinds from zebrablinds.com.

Listed below are some of the reasons you should consider getting zebra shades:

It Offers a Stylistic Appearance

Zebra blinds will offer your home a chic and fashionable appearance. Many blinds are pretty efficient in thermal regulation and light management, but they lack a certain level of elegance and so cannot accent your décor to make it more stylish and appealing. On the other hand, Zebra blinds offer a highly fashionable look that will go with practically any modern interior. Their striped design will enthrall your visitors and give a splash of color to your living room.

They Come in a Wide Variety of Colors and Styles

Zebra blinds will offer you a wide range to choose from to fit your space and taste. You can choose whatever material you like, mix them to obtain optimal light filtering capabilities, and even adjust the size of the stripes to have a better view out the window.


Blinds are meant to filter light and provide privacy. In most cases, people will wonder why they buy zebra blinds while getting the same functionalities from any other blind. However, they fail to understand the additional benefits that zebra blinds provide. Striped window coverings offer a more functional approach to natural light regulation because they allow for more variety. When compared to a regular shade that can only open and close, zebra blinds offer a much wider range of functionality as you can adjust the stripes to block more light or provide a clearer view through.

They Provide Energy Efficiency

When getting blinds, you are always looking for ones that will save energy costs. If you have a lot of windows, your heat is most likely escaping throughout the winter. Draughts can be avoided and energy saved by installing zebra roller blinds. Furthermore, zebra blinds can protect you from the heat of summer by hiding the sun and keeping your rooms cool and shaded all day.

Provide Extra Privacy

The unique shape of zebra blinds allows you to block off the view and enjoy peace. If you’re feeling lonely, you may always move the stripes around to get a partial or whole view out the window. Such adaptability is unmatched by any other sort of window shade.

In conclusion, zebra blinds are your best bet when buying blinds. They can beautify your home while also providing unique capabilities that allow you to control the amount of light and privacy more conveniently.