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Yuriko Takagi is the mother of Saya Takagi, which we are going to cover in this. Despite being a girl of one, she is quite impressive. Her dressing sense is admired by everyone. Her dresses show her competence, wealth, and sexiness.

She has purple shaded hairs that shine so much in the anime and talking about her dress, she used to wear a long gown type dress that goes down her knees but her figure shape is slightly slender. Being the mother of Saya, Yuriko is also a genius just like her.

The one point fans appreciate about Yuriko is her adorning sense like how finely dressed she looked with the red-lined scarf and necklace.

Physical Information-Yuriko Takagi

  • Gender-Female
  • Eyes-Purple
  • Hair-Purple
  • Status-Unknown

Talking about her marriage life, before marriage Yurika is just like a typical girl who used to work as a stockbroker on Wall Street. She met Souichiro when she was at a party after few dates both of them decided to tie themself in the knot of love, marriage. Yurika is a very loyal lady who really admires her husband.

Moreover, her love life is quite good!! but Saga, their daughter always felt that her parents, Yurika and Souichiro neglected her during the crisis.

Now coming to the Voice artist behind this cute lady. As we know the anime is popular in its country of origin and in other English countries too which means Yuriko has two assigned artists for both languages. The voice of Yuriko Takagi is given by Yoshiko Sakakibara( Japanese voice) and Yoshiko Sakakibara( English voice).

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