You Season 4: What We Know About This Hilarious Season

“It’s been exciting to see Penn [Badgley] bring Joe to life. People all across the globe have enjoyed seeing Joe get it all terribly wrong over the past three seasons, and we’re genuinely thankful to Netflix for their enormous support. Season four will explore new, dark sides of love.”

When Will You Season 4 on Netflix Air?

Season four filming began on March 22, 2022.

The Netflix team shared a set clapperboard with the date. Because, after all, this is Joe, the board was pouring with blood.This is Twitter content. Their website may include the same stuff in another format or extra information.The next chapter is expected to appear in 2022.Due to international filming in Paris, this may be postponed until early 2023.We’ll keep you posted!

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Who’s in the Season 4 Cast?

As for Joe, he’s still alive (more on him later), but not well (there wouldn’t be a series otherwise), so Penn Badgley is back.

Tati Gabrielle might possibly be Joe’s current “you”, Marienne, as he’s travelled to Paris to find her.But, like Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) and Candace Stone, we wouldn’t rule out Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) returning in flashback form (Ambyr Childers).
“It was quite shocking to see how I was going to die,” Pedretti told Entertainment Weekly.Despite the fact that I didn’t quite grasp how to act it out, I was enthusiastic to take on the task.Badgley expressed why he thinks it was time to end that phase of the story: But Adam is having trouble living up to his prosperous family’s expectations.

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“Adam comes to the show with a lot of emotional baggage. The seemingly fun-loving, party man is a gambler with a terrible secret. In his drive to prove himself, he takes risks that might cost his friends and girlfriend their lives.”Netflix‘s Twitter account reflects the notion, writing: “Lukas Gage is after You. As Adam in season four, Gage portrays the kind and witty son of an affluent family known for not living up to expectations. His parents taught him to do whatever it takes to accomplish what you desire.”

Gage portrays Adam, the kind, humorous, and hard-partying son of an affluent family known for not meeting their expectations. His parents taught him to do whatever it takes to acquire what you desire.

Gage announced his new gig on Instagram, saying he was “supremely delighted”.

The character’s destiny has already been discussed on social media.

Twitter user: “Oh, he’s obviously dying.”

“I have no idea who he is or what he will do, but I know he is dead,” said another.

Many say he’ll be six feet under after Joe is done with him.

Aside from memories of young Joe, his biological mother, and the woman who befriended him when he was in care, anticipate a whole new cast of annoying people. “‘What pool of entitled douchebags do we want to put Joe into next?’ And if you leave the US boundaries, there are more untapped pools worldwide “Gamble (via TV Line).

What Will Happen in Season 4?

So Joe is currently in Paris after murdering Love, who tried to slice his neck first. But he wriggled out of that situation and out of the marital bonds. The only drawback was giving their kid Henry to their neighbour Dante and his spouse, knowing it was best for Henry. (We can’t fault him.)

Sera Gamble discussed how Joe departing Henry may impact the upcoming season.

“It’s a big deal “This isn’t a character’s fault. I believe it will mould him from now on. We’ll discuss about his specific plan to return for his son for hours and hours and hours between munchies.”Meanwhile, he’s in Paris looking for Marienne, and he’s bound to find her.

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Because Love shared some frightening home truths about Joe to Marienne, the two should have an intriguing talk when they finally meet.”I suppose if Joe finds her, he’ll have lovely babies,” Badgley quipped to TV Line. “He’ll learn French, become a writer, and send his kids to school in Sweden.

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“N’est-ce pas? Someone this sick, troubled, traumatised, and aggressive has a long road to recovery and transformation. I’m not sure it’s feasible for someone so lost.”Also, there’s no news on whether we’ll see Gabrielle’s character again. Maybe she’s finally escaped him.Gabrielle told The Wrap how she sees things if Marienne returns: “I don’t think Marienne would go back to Joe.

I imagine she’d give him a talk.”For one, her heart was again manipulated. And I think she needs a dialogue, she needs to hear it from him… I hope it’ll help her relax… And I truly hope Marienne likes Joe. That’s it. Yes, I need that.”

History Suggests She’ll Die, but Might Joe’s Luck Finally Run Out in Season Four?

This season’s finale confirms that Joe is still Joe in a way that isn’t going to be good for Joe, according to Gamble’s Hollywood Reporter interview. “That he hasn’t learnt that he can’t keep seeking for someone to pin his hopes and ambitions upon.”Joe’s luck will run out.”

Things haven’t gone smoothly leading up to season four.”I think season three is a season of grief and sorrow for him,” Gamble added (via Collider). “And we leave him having lost or having to let go of what he valued.”So the story now is about how he gets any of it back or finds something else, because if the Joe in the pilot had one hole in his heart, now he has 17.”We’ve known him longer, therefore we must know more about his baggage.

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So I think there’s a lot to discover.”Given that he pretended to die, escaping those he left behind is more crucial than ever. Joe has shown mercy (or just left alone) a few characters over the seasons. From Jenna Ortega’s Ellie Alves to Saffron Burrows’ Dottie Quinn to Theo and Matthew Engler’s (Dylan Arnold and Scott Speedman respectively).These actors haven’t confirmed if they will return in season four, but their very existence in Joe’s consciousness puts him and them in danger.”We highlighted her in the season because we wanted to make it obvious that, yeah, she’s still out there and she does essentially constitute a threat to Joe,” Gamble told E! News of Ellie.

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So Maybe Season Four Will Be About Him Facing His History.

Gamble must also keep things new, including Joe’s many love relationships.
“We don’t want to feel redundant,” she remarked. In order to actually speak about who would be really different, and what haven’t we explored that we can, every figure who enters Joe’s group goes through a fairly rigorous process.

Whatever happens in season four, we can anticipate the same creepy tone we’ve grown to love.”I was relieved when the first season came out and people recognised how snarky and subversive we were about subjects I thought were really serious

.”So I hope people not only appreciate it but also have a talk about some of the dark stuff inside of us that we want to criticise and say, ‘It’s not inside us,’ but it’s in all…”No one is perfect. We’re not even pleasant inside. Most of us don’t kill anyone, yet… Is it too Pollyanna to wish for individuals to be kinder to themselves when they have bad thoughts? “Well, I’m kind of fascinated by his awful ideas.””

Badgley told Collider about season four: “I believe it’s about Joe’s connection with himself. Because this isn’t a show about a killer, it’s about… I believe it’s exaggerating our relationship errors for the purpose of a tale. We need to put down our swords and cease competing in relationships, but that’s difficult.”

It’s unclear if season four will be the last for Joe, but if it is, we can anticipate the same for You.Kepnes is now writing on the series’ fourth novel. It’s hard to say how they’ll compare because the TV programme has already departed from the original material.

When asked what readers should expect from her future work, Kepnes told THR: A new environment and a fantasy that he didn’t allow himself to have will be experienced by Joe.

When Can I See the Fourth Season  Trailer ?

Expect no fresh footage for a long time. Stay tuned for developments. but you can enjoy the season 3 trailer