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You Season 3

Do you watch Netflix? If you do you definitely be aware of the series ‘YOU’ because it’s been on their TOP 10 list of a long period of time. Also, You are definitely seeing this article because of the news which is going around or you are already a fan of ‘YOU’.

To the fans of ‘YOU’ get ready for the latest news about it. Since the last season of the Webseries which was season 2, a lot of new fans were added into the fandon. Because of the memes, hype and all a lot of people started to watch this series during the lockdown. Ever since the last episode, fans are eagerly waiting for the season 3 to release. The story of crazy Goldberg’s will continue and let’s see what will he do more.

“It’s funny how fate works. I didn’t know that the cage I built was a trap for me all this time.”

What is the official announcement of YOU?

The official Twitter account of the web series ‘YOU’ tweeted about the season 3.


The caption says,

“See you soon, neighbor. YOU S3 is coming”

Furthermore, the official account of NETFLIX confirmed about the web series. Moreover in the tweet we can see Penn badgley aka Joe Goldberg wearing a mask which says, “Hello YOU”


Additionally, the caption says,

“We recommend you stay at least 6 feet from Joe Goldberg at all times.

YOU Season 3 is back in production.”

What is the release date of YOU?

The upcoming season of YOU will be released in the year 2021. Except this nothing is confirmed yet. Neither Netflix nor the Web series officially announced anything regarding the releasing date.

The filming of YOU is began in November 2020, which is an indication that we’ll be able to watch it down soon.

What does the author says about YOU 3?

The webseries is based on the novel ‘YOU’ which is written by the author Caroline Kepnes. She recently confirmed that the 3 part of her novel is also complete.

In fact she confirmed this news by replying to one of his fan –

“Hello! You3 is done and I know I keep saying “soonish” but it’s truly so done that I saw possible covers last week. Your patience in a pandemic means the world to me. Thank you for waiting! Soonish he’s yours

Also spoiler alert. In You3 Joe bitches about the word “soonish”🤗”

Also, if you want to know any more updates regarding the series you can keep looking at her twitter feeds.

The Book ‘YOU LOVE ME’ is going to launch on 6 April, 2021.

Is there 13 new characters in the show?

In November, a huge spaceship was landed with 13 person on it some new and some old. I am not talking rubbish and the spaceship landed on ‘YOU’ web series location. Then the director thought of joining them into the series. Jokes apart

It was announced about the arrival of 13 new members in the show. There will be some new faces and some old faces. Furthermore we also got the confirmation about the returning of our loved/hated character Joe and Love. There are no changes and everything is like before, Penn will act as Joe and Victoria as love.

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Talking about the 13 new characters, they are –

o Penn Badgely: Joe

o Victoria Pedretti: Love

o Jack Fisher: Young Joe Goldberg

o Scott Speedman: Matthew

o Travis Van Winkle: Cary

o Shalita Grant: Sherry

o Mauricio Lara: Friend of Young Joe

o Dylan Arnold: Theo

o Saffron Burrows: Dottie

o Michaela McManus: Natalie

o Tati Gabrielle: Marienne

o Shannon Chan-Kent: Kiki

o Chris O’Shea: Andrew

o Ben Mehl: Dante

o Bryan Safi: Jackson

o Ayelet Zurer: Dr Chandra

o Christopher Sean: Brandon

o Mackenzie Astin: Gil

The above character are surely gonna be in the series and it will be fun to see them. With the presence of Love in joe life , we can expect a lot of spice in the next season.

What is the YOU story about?

Firstly thanks to the author Caroline Kepnes for finishing her novel. With the book been complete fans are able to find what they’ll expect in the next part. But as we know the storyline will not remain the same as it is in the book.

Furthermore as the Book is not officially released, there is still a lot of mystery behind which is not solved yet. With the book been launch the upcoming year 6 April, 2021 we can wait to know more about YOU.

Is there any news about characters?

Netflix on there post officially announced about the arrival of an brand new character Tati Gabrielle as Marianne. You probably seen her in Chilling adventures of Sabrina. She is a smart librarian who lives in the neighborhood of Joe & Love.

As the caption says –

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina fan-favorite Tati Gabrielle has joined the cast of You Season 3!

She’ll play Marienne, a smart, no-nonsense librarian who lives in Joe & Love’s neighborhood and doesn’t let much get by her”

Moreover, the NETFLIX further reported that two more cast are coming into the life of Joe and Love and as we are aware that they are definitely not going to make it heaven.

The post says –

“Sharita Grant is a new sharry, she is a mom-influencer who appears kind and down-to-earth, but is an actual bitch. She is mean and only shows to welcome Love into her social life.”

Furthermore about the second character is Travis, they said –

“Travis Van Winkle will play as Cary. He is wealthy and invites Joe into his Inner circles”

Bottom Lines

To summarize all this, “YOU” season 3 will arrive soon in the year 2021. We have tried to make this article informative and if you like our efforts then please let us know in our feedback section below, also share this article with the “YOU” fans.

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