You Can Watch “Halloween Ends” Exclusively on Peacock Platform

Tonight, evil flows. The multi-generational climax of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode's animosity will be revealed shortly. This is because “Halloween Ends” is now available on Peacock earlier than anticipated. How fascinating!

The fact that it premieres on Peacock on the same day as its theatrical release is not exactly unexpected. It was confirmed in August that “Halloween Ends” will be released on the same day and date as last year's “Halloween Kills.” However, the fact that it was released a few hours early is really cool.

You Can Watch "Halloween Ends" Exclusively on Peacock Platform

The reaction to David Gordon Green's horror trilogy has been rather varied throughout its course. Chris Evangelista of /Film described 2018's “Halloween” as “a nasty, scary, and occasionally humorous sequel that gives the long-running franchise the respect and devotion it deserves.” Last year, though, he condemned “Halloween Kills” for being “a weirdly unfinished sequel” that “feels extremely rushed and strangely empty.”

Regarding “Halloween Ends? The decision ultimately rests with you. However, Jeff Ewing of /Film did note that it “brings closure to the trilogy and its protagonists,” so maybe that's something.

Jamie Lee Curtis, who has played the character of Laurie throughout multiple timelines and continuities, will likely leave the long-running franchise with the release of “Halloween Ends.” Although we joke that she may not be completely retiring from the job, it will be bittersweet to watch her on TV for what will likely be her final appearance. In addition, the same will likely hold true for Nick Castle, who has been sharing the role of Michael Myers with James Jude Courtney for this trilogy.

You Can Watch "Halloween Ends" Exclusively on Peacock Platform

Andi Matichak, Will Patton, Kyle Richards, Rohan Campbell, Omar Dorsey, and Michael O'Leary are joining these actors. Green and longtime partner Danny McBride co-wrote the film's script, with Paul Brad Logan and Chris Bernier also helping. Green is unlikely to recreate The Shape after this, but he will resuscitate another iconic horror property with his “Exorcist” trilogy in development for Blumhouse.

“Halloween Ends” is now in cinemas and available on Peacock for streaming.

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