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Wynonna Earp season 4 (All Episode)

Hey guys! Wynonna Earp is back finally! There is great news for supernatural lovers. Wynonna Earp season 4 with full episodes is going to be released soon.

At first, Wynonna Earp season 1 was premiered in April 2016 in the US on Syfy. Later on, this season’s episodes were distributed internationally. And the people around the world show great interest in the series. As a result, a sequel of Wynonna Earp started. Three seasons have been aired since now and the fourth season with half of its total episodes have been aired recently, waiting for the next six episodes to be released soon.

To know everything about Wynonna Earp Season 4, stay with me till the end. This movie is full of suspense, drama and romance. This series presents a great combination of horror and fantasy.

Wynonna Earp Season 4:Origin

Wynonna Earp series is a Canadian American production based on the comic book series written by Beau Smith. It is a much-awaited horror television series.

Melanie Scrofano plays the title role in this series. She is a great-granddaughter of the Legendary lawman Watt Earp who gave her a handgun named “Peacemaker” that helps her in the fight against demons. In the series, Wynonna returns back to her home town, situated in Purgatory near Canadian Rockies, after a long time. Here, she fights with the revenants to stop them from leaving in the world and returns them back to hell.

Wynonna Earp Season 4: Storyline

In this season, Wynonna Earp fights for the “Peacemaker” handgun to get back. While Nicole continues to struggle with her secret. The total of six episodes of season 4 with their names and storylines are explained here:

Episode1: On The Road Again

The story of this episode goes as follows:

Jeremy, Robin, and Nicole were knocked unconscious by Wynonna so that she could go to the garden with Waverly alone. Jeremy wakes up and tries to leave a message. So, he has to cut “Valdez” into the wall with a knife. Then an army invades the house and carries them all away.

WYNONNA EARP Season 4 Episode 1 Photos On The Road Again | SEAT42F


Nicole, the tarot card reader, wakes up in the back of a train car and needs to know what to do next. Her cards reveal that two strong women will go to death’s doors on a journey. This realizes her to help Nicole get out of the train which she did successfully.

At the homestead, Wynonna is trying to figure out what Valdez could mean? while searching, she finds a person named Dr. Gloria Valdez who worked at a BBD site, a town a few hours away. Luckily, Wynonna found Nicole and both of them went to the BBD site together.

There they found a young girl named Rachel who says her mother is Dr. Valdez. She took them to the lab where her mother works. when they entered the lab they noticed that plce full of dead bodies and wynonna tosses a small explosive and awakens the bodies.

The three of them fights in their own way. While fighting, Wynonna stepped on a grate by mistake. Nicole told her to save Waverly and pushes her off the grate.

Meanwhile, in “Garden of Eden” , Doc and Waverly were trying to find out what was happening around them. After facing many problems, They found the door back to Purgatory. But It was not open so they started exploring.

As the time passes, Doc falls asleep on the snowy ground. In the meantime, Waverly sees a bag on the ground containing four books, labeled with a name: Waverly, Nicole, Doc and Wynonna. Waverly grabs one of them.

Above ground, Doc wakes up and stumbles upon a naked Nicole Haught. In this episode, Wynonna races to find a way into the garden after her sister.

Hopefully Wynonna would find a door to “Garden of Eden” at BBD site and everone will get out of this alternate world.

Episode 2: Friends in Low Places

She unites with someone else in order to rescue her family. But she has to pay for that reunion with her family members.

Friends in Low Places
Friends in Low Places


Episode 3: Look at Them Beans

In this episode, Wynonna Earp came to know that Doc Holiday, who was her great-grandfather,’s partner meets with a new demon. Earlier she was unaware of the thing which made her against her ideals.

Exclusive Video of 'Wynonna Earp' Season 4, Episode 3 — Watch Wynonna Earp Sneak Peek


Episode 4: Afraid

Here, Waverly, her younger half-sister,  and Nicole when search for help, encounters a demon who was the ancient enemy of Wynonna. Here she fights with the demon.




Episode 5: Holy War

In this episode, Trouble at the Homestead leads to payback time for a deadly deal.

Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Holy War Part One - The Illuminerdi


Episode 6: Wynonna Earp Sneak Peek

This is the mid-season finale. Nicole was willing to save her friends at any cost but she knew the risk was very high doing it. The suspense is increasing with each passing step.

watch》 Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 6 full free series


To watch all of these episodes online, click on the link below:

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Wynonna Earp Season 4:Casting

Here is the impressive star cast of Wynonna Earp season 4:

Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp: She is a great-granddaughter of Wyatt Earp.

Shamier Anderson as Deputy Marshal Xavier Dolls in season 1 to 3.

Timm Rozon as Doc Holiday: Fame partner of Wyatt Earp.

Dominique Provost Chalkley As Waverly Earp: She is the younger half-sister of Wynonna.

Katherine Barrell as Officer Nicole Haught: She is Deputy sheriff of Purgatory who collaborates with the black badge.

Uzaki Chan wants to Hang Out

Wynonna Earp Season 4:Release Date

  • The Wyonna Earp season 4 contains 12 episodes in total.
  • Each episode is around 45 minutes long.
  • As the production is not complete yet on all the 12 episodes so, half of the episodes are aired on 26th July and hopefully the next 6 episodes will be premiered on 30 August. Though there is no official statement regarding it.
  • Earlier the season 4 was expected to be released in 2019 but while passing through some financial strains ,the airing date was delayed. Also, the second reason for the delay was Coronavirus pandemic. Finally, the series got released on Syfy and CTV Sci-Fi channel on 26th July,2020.
  • You can enjoy watching this amazing horror series episodes on following platforms:

YouTube TV

Hulu+ Live TV

Fubo.TV, Sling Blue , AT&T TV NOW.

Is it available on Netflix?

  • The season 2 premiere aired in June 2017 on Syfy but appears on Netflix in June 2018. Similarly, Season 3 got aired in July 2018 on Syfy and appeared on Netflix after a year in July 2019. So following this pattern, we can expect season 4 on Netflix in July 2021.
  • The earlier series 1 to 3 are still available on Netflix to either watch or re-watch to experience again.


If you are a fan of horror movies then according to me you will definitely like this movie. It was chosen as one of the 20 best series of 2016. As you know, season 4 is late due to the global pandemic Covid-19 resulting in the release of only six episodes till now. But now the cast and crews are back to their work to release another awesome batch of six episodes.

What do you want to see in the upcoming episodes? Don’t forget to share in the comment section. Be with us for the latest updates.

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