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Wu Assassins season 2

Waiting for the Wu Assassins Season 2 from a long run? Becomes angry with the forwarding of the release date again and again? In this we have mentioned the exact statements and news about season 2, do you want to know all of them, then you need to read the article till the end.

Wu Assassins Season 2

Wu Assasins is an American Drama Television series which is created by John Wirth and Tony Krantz. The drama was released on August 8, 2019, and was premiered on Netflix for the first time and had become a fan favorite one.

The story revolves around a boy name, Kia Jin who Chinatown chef. The Chef got attack by the thugs and he becomes escaped. After the attack he finds a lady lying on the street, she is feeling unconscious.

The women felt that Kai is a pure and kind soul, she told him that “I am the first Wu Assassins and thus the story revolves around them how he manages to save her from the evils in fact from his stepfather too, who wanted to recruit her.

Wu Assassins season 2

The Wu Assassins is the best American show some fans stated, the drama has got good reviews from both the critics and Audiences but there was criticism for the plot.

Maybe the second part will solve the criticism and there would be more praise for the drama, what do you expect?

I think I have told you enough about the first installment and now it’s the time for the second part that you might be wondering about i.e will there be season 2 of Wu Assassins? What is the release date? Is there any trailer?

Continue reading to get the exact answers to these questions 🙂

Will There Be Wu Assassins Season 2?

There are many rumors about the cancellation of the show but they are completely fake, there will be Wu Assassins again after some time on our screens. In July 2019, after season one ends it is revealed that season 2 will be in August 2020.

But the date is pushed forward and now we are in 2021 and have no Wu Assassins but Netflix has shown his concern on this and said that the Wu Assassins will be on our screens shortly.

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Release Date- Wu Assassins Season 2

If the situation remains under control then season 2 is expected to be released in the mid of 2021 or at the end of 2021 but not before that. The creators have only given this a greens signal and now they are lip locked when talking about the release date.

The cast member has also shown their desire for the season two, many of them tweeted that they want the Wu Assassins season 2 as soon as possible.

Star Cast And Crew of Wu Assassins Season 2

Well talking about the cast, the creators haven’t revealed the exact details regarding the starring of this drama. But as per new, there are chances of the old cast to return back in the series like we are going to see fan-favorite, Iko Uwais playing the role of Kai Jin along with him Katheryn Winnick as Christine. On the other hand, we would also see Lewis Tan, Li Jun Li, Celia Au, Juju Chan, Tzi Ma, John Wirth.

We are also going to see some new faces in this sequel but they are not revealed yet. The officials will reveal them in the same month when they release the official trailer. When we get the relevant information about the star cast, then we would love to update that in our article soon for our lovely readers.

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Ratings-Wu Assassins

According to the IMDb, the drama has given a well and good ratings of 6.4 stars out of 10, which is slightly good I think for this kind of Martial Drama, what do you think?

Talking about some more ratings the Rotten Tomatoes has given this 83% while Common Sense Media gave this 3 out of 5 stars.

We have also collected a handful of reviews from the IMDb users, just have a glance at them too 🙂

How Users Reacted To this Martial Drama

  • “The acting isn’t great, the special effects are probably from about 10 years ago standard and it’s cheesy as hell but I’m really enjoying it. The fight scenes are fantastic. You’ll know after 1 episode if you want to watch more.”
  • “It’s got Katheryn Winnick finally given a chance to show off her karate chops, it’s got Iko Uwais doing his wooden acting with fantastic martial arts and… It’s got fireballs! If you like Oriental-themed stories with great martial arts, the B-grades of everything can be forgiven, it’s entertaining enough.”

  • “Fun enough – a little uneven in the acting and the script. Some of the actors are really good and some clearly are less so which makes it noticeable. Sometimes the script is OK and sometimes it just doesn’t work.”
  • “Action sequences are really good. And appreciate the representation of the Chinese in the San Francisco Experience – and all the Cantonese speakers. All and all, it shows some promise and worth to look at another season.”

Is There Any Trailer for Wu Assassins Season 2?

At this time there is no trailer for the second installment. The trailer will be released in the same month as the release date, so for the trailer, you guys have to wait a bit more but no worries we have uploaded a fan-made video, just for refreshing your mind and filling it with full of Wu Assassins.

Enjoy, this video and tell us in our comments section, what do you expect from this upcoming web series?

Now it’s the time to end this article but wait we have a gift for the Assassins fans, wondering what? A bucket full of dialogues, just to make your mind garden fresh with this martial drama.

Popular Dialogues From Wu Assassins

  • There’s no friendship without love and no love without friendship.”
  • “If you don’t kill it, it’ll kill you.”
  • “You think if you don’t work like a dog, you’re never gonna get anywhere.”
  • “The Monk Piece is in you. Evil is attracted to it. Evil will find you now.”
  • “I’m a big girl living in a big city, Cap.”
  • “There’s nothing for you there, but a spectacular end to your life.”
  • “I’ve been given mystical powers.”
  • “Death is part of the Wu Assassin’s life.”
  • “When I was a kid, all I ever wanted to do was earn my family’s respect.”
  • “Poison makes it easy for a man to kill. But not easy for a man to die.”
  • “If you make another sound, I will have to bury you alive.”
  • “The pace of nature is everlasting.”

Final Words

Our article is completely inspired by this American tv series name Wu Assassins. Netflix has decided to renew the show and will We have tried to make this article a complete piece of information for the readers, if you find this article worth then please let us know that in our feedback section.

Also, ask us anything related to the Wu Assassins or about any upcoming web series, tv shows, and other entertainment media at our mails directly or in our comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Wu Assassins Season 2 coming out?

The Wu Assassins will be back again on our screens in the mid of 2021 or at the end but not before that. The Old one is available on Netflix, you can enjoy that in the meantime. Once the web series airs it will be available on its streaming platforms for the fans so that they can watch it there.

How many Wu Assassins are there?

At this point in time, there is only one rich Assassin and the second season will be soon added in this if the creators want to.

What is the name of elements Wu Assassins have?

There are the four greatest powers named firewatermetalearth, and wood



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