Wrecked Season 4 Release date : Cancellation and Renewal status in 2022!

Last updated on 27 January,2022

Are you all curious to know about release date Wrecked Season 4, Or the information regarding the show is Cancelled? You all are asking tons of questions which are in  the mind of wrecked show  lovers, if you are also one of  them you must be curious and thinking about the same?

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It is an American drama it is  popular among the fans since the day it aired and news come for the release for the first time on June 14, in the year 2016, it has total 10 episodes , all episodes were released on the same day. The  creator of the show is Jordan Shipley and Justin Shipley , the show original release was on TBS Network.

After watching the peacefulness and popularity of the show the creators released two more seasons. The Wrecked Season 2 was released on June 20, in the year 2017, and in the same year, the show was renewed for the third season , it was  released on August 7 in the year 2018, it has 20  episodes total and the wrecked number of episodes reached to  30 .

The first two parts of the show were great enough to impress the fans but the third season has not performed good enough it was average. The wrecked season 3 has got the  rating of 0.32 with,18-49 demographically reviews and it has also got a mediocre viewership of 846,000 viewers.

Genre Sitcom
Number of Seasons 3
Number of episodes 30
Creator Jordan Shipley, Justin shipley
Streaming sites Amazon prime video

 By Comparing the ratings of  season one and season second, it is approximately down with 19 to 16% . The low ratings was the most important reason for the makers and fans to worry about the Wrecked Season 4 release .

wrecked season 4

Will There Be Wrecked Season 4?

The story starts when a plane crashed on an island in Thailand.  Numerous passengers died in this incident but some of the passengers survived in the incident. The passenger who  survived is now facing million of problems just to survive at the place.

During this incident,the main leads of the story came together and try to save and handle each other. Then the whole story starts from here. The  stars of the show are Zach Cregger as Owen O’Connor, Asif Ali as Pack Hara, Brian Sacca as Daniel “Danny” Wallace, Rhys Darby as Steve Rutherford, Brooke Dillman as Karen Cushman/Sister Mercy, and Ginger Gonzaga as Emma Cook. They all play the main roles of the story.

Not only this some supporting stars like  Jessica Lowe plays the role of  Florence Bitterman, Will Greenberg plays the role of  Todd Hinkle, Ally Maki plays the role of  Jess Kato, and James Scott plays the role of Liam.

However, in the story you would see now that they were packing their bags because it is reported that the show is officially canceled! This is distressing for the fans and the viewers, the creators of the show has decided to end the show after the third season. The officials  has confirmed for the  discontinuation of the show ,it is mentioned on Instagram post, you can see their  in the response.

The creators haven’t said a concrete reason behind the cancellation of the “Wrecked Season 4” but the ratings are the major point behind this, as nobody wants to run a show with a declining figure of audience.

The information has been taken from the source tonights.tv

Will Wrecked Season 4 Revive Again?

At this time there are no chances of the revival of the show because the creators have covered the ending of Wrecked and TBS isn’t willing to renew a low-rated show.

However, it seem that some other channel came out with the crowd to work on the Wrecked series, then we can surely watch to have more in the future years, till then you can enjoy the seasons on-  YouTube TV with a Free Trial, it is also available on Amazon Prime Videos, and on the official channel of  TBS.com.

If you think that I have missed Netflix, then let me tell you the show is not available on Netflix at this time but the officials state that “we are adding more new shows” so let’s sit and wait for more updates.

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