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World Trigger Season 3: What Could We Expect From The Creators?

There are several underrated animes but some are kind of hidden gems, If you too love the World Trigger series then you can easily understand what I am saying. The true fans considered the series a real gem and why not? The anime gives us everything that anime lovers want like action, adventure, love, drama, and thrill.

After two great hits now the fans want season 3 so badly, even I too. We have covered this anime world in this short post, but make sure to read this out from head to toe, so that the chances of missing any update will be nil.

Let’s step into the universe of World Trigger Season 3 with the same old, which is gold dialogue.

I Am Not Kidding When I Say The Future Has Infinite Possibilities.”

World Trigger Season 3

This anime is modified from the Manga Series. The story of the Trigger World is based on a very beautiful city name Mikado. The city is quite impressive but full of noise like the city has 280,000( approx) population.

The life of people living there is not quite easy because of wars which took place each and every day. The neighborhood is not decent for the Mikado, no one knows when they are risking their lives when they step out of the house.

 The main character of the story is Yuma Kuga. Yuma has slightly different hairs, like whose body has a white-hairs? The story is slightly unique like a boy who comes to the local school of Mikado and hopes not to get caught by the borders.

The previous series got some cool reviews like-

Truly an amazing anime really balanced out as in everything is explained you can’t question anything about any scene or something I loved how they did that…

Release Date-World Trigger Season 3

The anime is under production and has the possibility to airs out in 2021. The dates are not clarified yet but we hope to get the dates too.

When we get the dates, we would love to update them in the same post for you 🙂

Cast/Characters of The World Trigger Season 3

The list of characters are still on awaited list but yes, we could hope the see the old faces again like Tomo Muranaka playing the role of Yuuma Kuga with Yuki Kaji playing the role of Osamu Mikumo meanwhile on the other hand we could expect to see Nao Tamura as Chika Amatori, Yuichi Nakamura as Yuichi Jin and Hideyuki Tanaka as Replica.

Moreover, we could expect some more characters in the animes that would be added in the upcoming one but they are not revealed yet, so we have to wait a little more to get the names out.

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Any Trailer For World Trigger Season 3

There is no official trailer at this point in time but yes a number of fan-made are available on the internet. For the official trailer, you have to wait a little more or simply bookmark us, when we get the latest teaser we would update the same in this post and notify you 🙂

Meanwhile, you can enjoy this fan-made trailer of the third bit, which is slightly good to watch. You won’t regret it after watching this video.


Season three of the World Trigger is going to be in front of us very soon, as per the news. The dates are not hanging on our windows but will hang soon. Talking about the cast, the old central characters will be there in the new one with some pinch of new characters that are not revealed yet.

We have tried to cover everything we know about the third slice, hope you find this article informative. Do you want to ask us anything? Then go ahead, comment on your queries we would love to clear them out for you.

It’s time to end this article with these quotes, Hoping to see the same beautiful faces again in our next article 🙂

I am not a hero. Can’t make anyone happy with any result. Only do what I deem right with me not hating my choice at a later point.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to watch the World Trigger Season 3?

You can watch the previous season one the Crunchyroll and Funimation but for the third one, you have to wait. Once the series releases then it will be available on its streaming platform.

Who will be the new characters in World Trigger Season 3?

There will be new characters in the anime upcoming season no doubt but they are not revealed yet but one thing is sure that the old characters will reprise again like we are going to see Nao Tamura as Chika Amatori, Yuichi Nakamura as Yuichi Jin, and Hideyuki Tanaka as Replica.

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