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“World of Dance” is an American series that is based on the reality competition drama. Executive producer, Jennifer Lopez is happy with the show which is the reason they pushed themself to make more seasons. The recent season, World of Dance Season 4 released on May 26, 2020.

Being a reality show every time it comes with lots of up-down! Some minor changes are seen in the show to make the show more fun.

At first, the show is host by Jenna Dewan for two seasons and the third chapter is hosted by Scott Evans. This dance show is I think one of the best reality dramas! You’re gonna see solo, duo, and group performers coming from different regions representing their dance along with their culture.

All the contestants beat each other for 1 million under the guidance of three judges named Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Derek Hough.

World of Dance Season 4- Contestant Name!

The show has a number of contestants ages from teens to more than 30. Aforementioned some are solo, duo, and groups. The contestant is from New York, the Philippines, California, Los Angeles, and other regions.

World of Dance Season 4

Dance act Hometown Age Dance style Placement Average Score
Jefferson y Adrianita Cali, Columbia 22/26 Salsa World Final (2nd Place) 95.0
Geometrie Variable Montpellier, France 29-31 Tutting World Final (3rd Place) 93.7
Oxygen Maastricht, Netherlands 16-27 Urban World Final (4th Place) 94.7
Jake & Chau San Jose, California 18/20 Contemporary Semi-Final 95.3
Kurtis Sprung Caroga Lake, New York 26 Contemporary Semi-Final 90.3
UPeepz Manila, Philippines 20-30 Hip-Hop Semi-Final 89.0
Styles & Emma Rochester, New York 17/19 Ballet Redemption
Josh & Erica Los Angeles, California 22/24 Urban The Duels
Luca & Alessandra Sicily, Italy 31/32 Ballroom The Duels
The Rise Crystal Clear action reload.png Gilbert, Arizona 17-26 Hip-Hop The Duels
Show Stopper Crystal Clear action reload.png Miami, Florida Hip-Hop Callbacks
CBAction Crystal Clear action reload.png Cordoba, Argentina Hip-Hop Callbacks

Official Teaser of World Dance Season 4

You can experience the official teaser here! Watch this and enjoy it but don’t forget to tell us what you liked the most about the show!!!

Derek Hough Official Statements On “No Audience”

The show happened without the audience because of the pandemic attack of the Covid-19. Seeing the drastic condition of Covid-19 Derek said-

“We actually pushed the finale a day early, and then they decided to have no audience for the finale,” “Because it was like a last-minute thing, we didn’t even know. It did feel a little weird in the ballroom, in the room. But the magic of television to create that energy [with] pyros, sound effects and all these different things, you can still capture that energy.”

“It’s not even like a COVID-safety thing, it’s just a physical safety thing because, between Bruno waving his arms and me waving my arms, I’m actually very similar in the way that I’m very physical with my movements… we’d be just be hitting each other,” Hough jokes.

“For me, the one thing I would kind of miss if I was a pro and if I was teaching a celebrity is [for] the celebrity to feel what it feels like to dance in front of — even just hundreds of people — just a live audience. There’s something really special about that,” he explained. “But for the people at home, you’re not going to feel the difference.”

Not only Derek,  Rob Mills also added that-

“There was certainly a fair share of celebrities, who rightly so, said, ‘I’m really nervous about the business and it could be interesting next season but don’t think I can do this right now,” Mills recalls. “But most people, I think especially after hearing how the precautions and the safety measures that were being put in, were game.”

“Somebody like A.J. [McLean] or Nelly, they can’t go on the road, so this is a perfect time for them where they’re sort of around, and this keeps their visibility up, so I think that for most people, that was the case. So, in that respect, it was great…”

The conversation doesn’t end here. You can check the full statement on

Last Lines

Even in the pandemic, the show has dell well but now it is canceled after four seasons by NBC, so if you are hoping for the fifth installment then you need to shift your desire to some other series. You can also check some of the latest shows and series on our site,

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