Netflix’ s Women at War Movie Ending Explained

The Netflix military drama “Women at War” follows four women from various cultures. As the First World War begins, their lives change in Saint Paulin, France.

The tale twists and turns across eight episodes as secrets are revealed and the ladies are put in untenable positions. The finale leaves them and the community in limbo, making us wonder what happens at Ending.

Ending Explanation of Women at War

Women at War begins in 1914, one month into the First World War. Because Saint Paulin leads Paris, France, and Germany to value it. The Germans might easily assault Paris if they took the town, thus France must prevent this. Because of this, the Germans want to invade immediately.

Saint Paulin suffers as the battle escalates. Joseph and Suzanne are under pressure to care for more troops and injured without any professional doctors or nurses. Battle sequences increase with each episode.

It began with more troops visiting the brothel, but gradually the war scenes increased until the last episode focused totally on the town on the brink of being invaded by German forces in massive numbers.

Netflix' s Women at War Movie Ending Explained

The town is evacuated to avoid the Germans. Only convent and ambulance staff remain. Most of the French troops perish in their final attempt to defend the town. This was mostly due to the fact that the German troops had more men and gas, making their tasks simpler. This suggests that the town’s situation won’t improve soon, particularly because the battle will continue for four more years.

Reinforcements are coming. The soldiers must use what they have to hold off the Germans until additional French forces arrive, which will take at least a day or two. As the medical staff prepares to treat injured troops more effectively, everyone in town prepares for what’s to come.

By the conclusion of the series, Saint Paulin is under attack. It’s poised to smash the door, but the people who would do everything to rescue their town and nation have hope.

The Plot Summary of Women at War

Suzanne is a nurse fleeing a police officer whose wife was slain in an abortion gone awry. She comes to Saint Paulin with the intention of escaping to Switzerland, but she sees how much she is needed at the convent-turned-military hospital. The doctor, Joseph Duvernet, is under pressure as more men are injured. Suzanne stays in Saint Paulin to support the doctor, even though France is perilous.

Mother Agnes, who lives in the same convent, struggles with war’s devastation. She and Suzanne find solace in a roadside stranger. Agnes saves the guy, but their relationship changes, and the nun’s faith is challenged. She also realizes that their monastery priest is molesting young girls and must be stopped.

Marguerite comes to Saint Paulin to locate her small son, whom she gave away. She meets troops while working at a nearby brothel. Caroline, an old friend, surprises her. She married Victor, who went to war. She runs the factory without him. However, her brother-in-law Charles complicates matters.

Netflix' s Women at War Movie Ending Explained

Is Marguerite Dead?

Women at War” features Marguerite. She travels to Saint Paulin to find her son, Colin, whom she had as a teenager and was unsuitable to raise.

After much debate, she meets her son and they get along until Colin learns about their connection. He thinks they should forget one another and never meet again. Marguerite marches into war to save her son.

Marguerite says farewell to Caroline as the town is evacuated and the French forces take heavy fire on the battlefield. She takes an ambulance to the battleground. Marguerite enters the action, risking being shot or blown up. She wades among injured and dead troops and blood pools, eerily like her dream. She discovers Colin, who was shot but seems unharmed. He will survive if assisted.

Marguerite welcomes her son, who is surprised to see her. She gets shot while reaching him. She faints while holding Colin. Women arrive simultaneously. Colin is awake as they leave, but Marguerite’s fate is unknown.

The grin on her face after seeing her kid alive seems like acceptance of death. No time to confirm her death. Her companions are intent on getting her out, which might imply Marguerite fell unconscious and can be rescued.