Wolf Among Us Season 2 Release Date: Is This Series Coming in 2022!

Updated On 26 January 2022

Most of the people think that Bigby Wolf will not return after it was shut down in September 2018.

But it seems to be a miracle happen when the LCG Entertainment holding company decides to take the assets and restarted the Wolf Among Us 2 and it is said to be like the fairy god who resurrected the studio and the rebirth of the Season 2 of Wolf Among Us game takes place.

All the things are started from scratch by the new Telltale and AdHoc Studios.

Enter to Game of the world of Assassination where you play the role of Agent 47 and you have to complete the mission by killing different people in different location.

The sequel was announced by Telltale in 2017 but the studio closed down but when the gamers and the audience saw the brief trailer for the first time at The Game Awards 2019 they were surprised to see it and seem to be happy that the new installment is coming back after its closure.

Let’s know more about the Wolf Among Us season 2 and its release date? You are also excited to know on which platform the new season game is available and what should be the story of the new one?

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Release Date of Wolf Among Us Season 2

Wolf Among Us Season 2

As it is stated above, LCG Entertainment started making the game from scratch and it is not an easy task to perform but they did it so as to give their creative team a new way to work.

The engine used for the game this time is Unreal by replacing the Telltale tool behind by the new team.

The release date for the Wolf Among Us Season 2 is not announced but some are saying that we can’t see the game before the 2021 winters. So there is no official release date announcement for season 2 but it is confirmed that the game is coming to you.

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Is There Any Trailer Released for the Wolf Among Us Season 2

Wolf Among Us Season 2

Trailer for the Wolf among us season 2 is too short but it managed to attract so many viewers and it was ask by the familiar voice of Snow White to Bigby to become a big bad wolf once more?

Original actors are back to reprise their roles and voices for snow and Bigby and even fans also wanted them back as the don’t want anyone other except Adam Harrington to do dialogue for his life

On Which Platform the Wolf Among Us 2 May Be Available to You?

If the game comes to you then on which platform the Wolf Among Us 2 will be available to play.

If you play most of the games on PC then you have to download the Epic Games Store and there’s an exclusive deal with the storefront for this title by the new Telltale but it won’t be steam like its previous game.

It was also said by LCG Entertainment that the game will also come to console but this is still unknown on which one.

So you have to wait more till the Game comes for you to play.

The new game will give us multiple episodes, but this time it remains unclear when these episodes will be released.

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Season Name Wolf Among Us Season 2
Genre Graphic, Adventure
Release Date TBA
Director Nick Herman, Dennis Lenart

People Also Asked Questions-

Wolf Among Us Season 2

Which type of Game is Wolf Among Us 2?

It is a single player video game which is full of adventurer and sequel to Wolf Among Us.

Is Bigby a good guy?

He is a good one and he is easily attracted by his character of moral gray spot and even people are also mad at him when they catch him.

Who was the villain in Wolf Among Us?

The main villain in the Wolf Among Us was the Crooked Man in the 2014 video game.

Who plays Bigby wolf in the video game of Wolf Among Us?

Adam Harrington gave the voice to the role of Bigby wolf in the game and for the BAFTA Award he was nominated as the best performer for this video game.

Wolf Among Us Season 2

Who killed Lily in the Wolf Among Us?

Georgie killed Lily and Faith in the Wolf Among Us and he is handed over to Bigby by Crooked Man when it is discovered that Georgie is the Culprit.

Last Lines

As it was known to all that this video game is the upcoming sequel to the Wolf Among Us, you have to wait until its release date comes out. Enjoy and play more games like Hitman 3, Pokemon Snap and mario kart.

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