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Witches in the Woods : All the Relevant Details that You Must Know

Witches in the Woods is a 2019 Canadian Supernatural horror film The director of the movie is Jordan Barker and written by Christopher Borrelli . The production film stars are Hannah Kasulka, Corbin Bleu, Alexander De Jordy, Craig Arnold and Humberly Gonzalez.

The production company is Gearshift Films. A snowboarding trip through the mountains that turns into a hunt and a witch.

Release Date: August 25, 2019 (Brazil)

Language : English

What Are the Filming Locations?

The filming locations are – Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Are Witches in the Woods Scary?

NO, it’s not scary but it’s a great thriller series to watch. You will get to see evil characters who you wish to die and they will by the end of the show.

Is Witches in the Woods a True Story?

It is not specified by the makers of the movie if it is based on a true story or not but the way makers have portrayed the story it seems to be very real and believable.

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All about Witches in the Woods:

Witches in the Woods

Jill, a determined Umass freshman, drops her studies for an off-the-grid snowboarding trip and then Unfortunately, after the sun sets below the horizon, Seven friends set off for the weekend and the group of SUV is mysteriously lost in the mountains , and also running out of gas.

As the temperature drops, a group moves into a rage, then a literal witch hunt begins but their car breaks down in the middle of slopes due to which their nerves are on edge and they all wake each other up because they were on the roof to stay alive at night.

Alison begins to behave strangely, which includes the disappearance in the body of a deer.A group of friends try to get the car out of the snow, but Alison tries to run towards Derek.Their car loses a wheel due to which they all get stuck in the forest.

Matty alone goes out to find his brother and he triggers in the forest and kills one of the animal traps, due to which he himself dies. 

Jill goes into the forest in search of help and finds Phillips’ body. Alison suddenly confronts her while Alison pleads with her not to be wrong with her, but Jill comes and stabs her from behind.

At gunpoint, John demands that Jill escape from Alison’s body. A state soldier takes Jill away from crime.

Cast for the Witches in the Woods:

Witches in the Woods

These are the some characters which are shown in the film:

  • Hannah Kasulka as Jill.
  • Alexander De Jordy as Matty.
  • Corbin Bleu as Philip.
  • Kyle Mac as Tod.
  • Sasha Clements as Alison.
  • Ian Matthews as John.
  • James Gilbert as Trooper.
  • David Lafontaine as State Trooper Captain.
  • Humberly González as Bree.
  • Craig Arnold as Derek.

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Trailer of Witches in the Woods:

Here is a trailer just look at the trailer links as given below.

Where to Watch Witches in the Woods:

You can easily stream it online in the given links but before watching just keep yourself subscribed to those channels.

Ratings for Witches in the Woods:

People have given ratings to this movie…

  •  Rating from Imdb for this film is 4.3 out of 10. 
  •  Rating from Rotten tomatoes for this film is 57% out of 100%. 

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Audience Reviews:

Witches in the Woods

Witches in the Woods isn’t much fun to watch.- Sara Michelle Fetters

The film rises above its familiar concepts through the use of a few gnarly set pieces and a finale that packs quite a wallop, making Witches in the Woods far more entertaining and chilling than I could have possibly expected.- Heather Wixson

Seven co-eds get lost in the Massachusetts woodlands, where historical malevolent and misogynies persist – Anton Bitel

I found this movie miles above horror flicks that receive twice the attention and get screen time at your local theaters. Again not award winning, just an entertaining film in a time where plenty of lousy horror films exist. – Imdb

Final Words:

Let’s end up with this article. Till now you understand and know about this supernatural horror film.

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