Winx Saga Season 2 Is Officially Confirmed For More Season In February 2021

Winx Saga is also termed Fate: The Winx Saga is a very popular teen show which is inspired by an animation project, Winx Club from Nickelodeon.

Winx Club is loved by the kids, maybe this is a reason Brian Young decided to make a television show from the same in order to get success.

Wnx Saga is a bucket full of Teen drama, supernatural, and fantasy scenes that are loved by the audience, especially by the teenagers.

The story starts in a magical boarding school which is located at Alfea College. In which Stella, Aisha, Terra, and Musa live together, they all are fairies, light fairy, water fairy, earth fairy and the last one is the mind fairy.

They all meet Bloom, a fire who has fire powers but has no complete control over them, with the help of her four companions she started learning, how to use powers and also discovers her past.

Winx Saga has an amazing plotline said the critics… Everyone out there praised the show that is the reason the Winx Saga series is renewed in February 2021 for a second installment.

Winx Saga Season 2- When The Show Is Going To Flash On Our Screens?

The show is renewed for another season already in February 2021 but the exact debut date is not out yet! Because the show is in development, once it comes out from the forming phase, then after this we could hope for the dispatching dates.

Many believed that the “Winx Saga Season 2,” has chances to be out in 2022 but they are just evaluations, so let’s wait for some official statement regarding the same, till then let’s check who is going to be in the second installment.

Winx Saga Season 2

Who Is Going To Be Back In Winx Saga Season 2?

Our old beloved characters have chances to reprise again in the show, so we could hope to see the main leads to be back for sure.

Let’s recall the previous cast-

  • Abigail Cowen as Bloom Peters
  • Hannah van der Westhuysen as Stella
  • Precious Mustapha as Aisha
  • Eliot Salt as Terra Harvey
  • Elisha Applebaum as Musa
  • Danny Griffin as Sky

Some Other Featuring Actors-

  • Sadie Soverall as Beatrix
  • Freddie Thorp as Riven
  • Eva Birthistle as Vanessa Peters
  • Robert James-Collier as Saul Silva
  • Eve Best as Farah Dowling, the stern Headmistress of Alfea
  • Lesley Sharp as Rosalind

Expected Storyline of Winx Saga Season 2

Well, the show has chances to start from where it ends… In the final episode of the show we see Bloom decided to went back to her friends on the earth, she also tells them that she is an adoptive child.

Talking about the other phase of the story, we see Silva talks is sharing something with Sky regarding the death of Andreas, which is actually murder planning. He said he had to do this because they are going to escape with Dane, Beatrix, and Riven but Silva got arrested by the authorities after Adreas and Queen Luna arrived at their place.

So, in the second installment we could hope to see, Silva is coming back to take revenge or maybe some new enemy is added in the show to make it more fun, rather than this, the life of Bloom is not going to remain the same as we have seen in the chief part…

The plotline is not revealed at this time but one thing is sure that the second installment is going to be amazing if it starts from where it ends.

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Winx Saga Season 2- Official Teaser!

The Trailer for the “Winx Saga Season 2, “is not out yet! The trailer has a chance to be out a few months before the official release. a month before the release date. For the moment you can enjoy the former teaser and cherish your Winx memories or can also go for some fan-made.

I have uploaded a short fan-made video clip that you are going to love for sure.

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