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Windows Autopilot : Requirements with Step by Step Instructions 2022

Windows Autopilot

 Assuming you are new to Windows Autopilot, this arrangement guide should help you in setting up Windows Autopilot in Microsoft Intune without any preparation.

I generally needed to distribute a Windows Autopilot arrangement guide for amateurs. With this guide anybody who needs to test Autopilot can get going and this should be possible in your lab. Assuming you have an actual gadget like PC, yes you can involve it for testing if not a VM would be adequate.

Windows Autopilot is solid method for sending Windows and is in effect right now utilized by numerous huge associations. We additionally see Microsoft further developing Autopilot by adding more upgrades to it. Windows AutoPilot can assist you with conveying Windows 10 quicker and set aside your time and cash.

In this post I will cover about the Windows Autopilot fundamentals, process outline, Autopilot essentials and afterward I will tell you the best way to set up Windows Autopilot in Microsoft Intune. You can likewise consider this post as fledglings manual for arrangement Windows Autopilot Deployment.

What is Windows Autopilot ?

As per Microsoft, Windows Autopilot is an assortment of advancements used to set up and pre-design new gadgets, preparing them for useful use. Autopilot (Microsoft Autopilot) can be utilized to reset, reuse, and recuperate gadgets. The Autopilot arrangement empowers an IT division to accomplish the above with practically zero framework to make due, with an interaction that is simple and straightforward.

Setup Process Overview

We should comprehend about the Windows Autopilot cycle and how it really functions. In any association the most tedious undertaking for IT is designing Windows OS on PCs. You simply don't send working framework, you convey Windows Updates, marking and so on Reimaging gadgets is done time and again in certain associations and the IT needs to invest parcel of energy making it happen.

Windows Autopilot utilizes the OEM-enhanced variant of Windows 10. This rendition is preinstalled on the gadget, so you don't need to keep up with custom pictures and drivers for each gadget model. Rather than reimaging a gadget, your current Windows 10 establishment can be changed into a business-prepared express that can do the accompanying.

After the sending is finished, you can utilize either Intune, Configuration Manager or different apparatuses to deal with these gadgets. Thus, so, Windows Autopilot can be utilized to modify the current Windows OS and not send a totally new working framework.



The accompanying Windows 10 versions are upheld for Windows Autopilot.

Licensing Requirements

This is the significant segment as it covers the authorizing necessities for Windows Autopilot. Windows Autopilot relies upon explicit abilities accessible in Windows 10 and Azure Active Directory. It additionally requires a MDM administration like Microsoft Intune. For Windows Autopilot, one of the accompanying memberships is required.

Networking Requirements and Configuration

Windows Autopilot relies upon an assortment of web based administrations. Admittance to these administrations should be given to Autopilot to work appropriately. If it's not too much trouble, read the authority Microsoft documentation on Windows Autopilot network necessities for this.

Make a Windows 10 VM

In the following stage we should transfer this information into Intune to enlist your gadget for Autopilot. Assuming you are utilizing an actual gadget rather than a VM, you can duplicate the document to a USB stick. On the off chance that you're utilizing a VM, you can right-tap the AutopilotHWID.csv record and duplicate it, then, at that point, right-snap and glue the document to your work area (outside the VM).

10 VM back to Out Reset -Of-Box-Experience (OOBE)

Here with the equipment ID caught in a document, we will set up our Virtual Machine for Windows Autopilot arrangement by resetting it back to OOBE.

On the Windows 10 Virtual Machine, go to Settings > Update and Security > Recovery and tap on Get begun under Reset this PC. Select Remove everything and Just eliminate my documents.

Confirm AAD Premium Subscription

For this lab, you want an AAD Premium membership. You can know whether you have a Premium membership by exploring to the MDM enlistment arrangement edgeAssuming the design cutting edge seems like the one beneath, almost certainly, you have a Premium membership. Note that Auto-enlistment is a component just accessible in AAD Premium.

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