Underworld Chapter 6: Renewed or Canceled?

Last Updated on January 30, 2022.

The action-horror movie underworld presented by Len Wiseman, Kevin Grevioux, and Danny McBride, catches the role of who was caught up in a war between vampires and werewolves (called “Lycans”). The Underworld movie series has been lethargic since 2017 from when Underworld; Blood Wars had released, but now we can do some research regarding the expected release of Underworld 6.

A dynastic and dangerous rivalry between Vampires and werewolves species for the ownership of the most fictional beast, their battle was also showed in the movie; 2003’s Underworld, to a great extent. critics also pose a bad review on this segment but it didn’t stop the fans of Underworld to stepped to the theaters to watch the movie, and Underworld becomes superhit over the box office. Underworld, however, has 5 films in its franchise box with some of the huge hits as well including three sequels and one prequel.

All of them have become profitable investments to the producers, although numerous feel that the series’ tone has dropped undeviatingly as it is extending too long by the storyline.

underworld chapter 6

Moreover, Underworld: Blood Wars, is still trying to enhance its budget to double and also attaining the low box office collection. Which don’t make the maker’s minds so well to take the risk of making another part of the series Underworld and take the franchise so far, which is probably neither producer Lakeshore Entertainment nor distributor Screen Gemsnetwork wills to make Underworld 6.

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The Storyline of Underworld 6, Most Probable.

The most initial movie, Underworld [2003], had Selene, a dominant vampire-warrior, and Michael Corvin, a human who gets caught up in the war. The ‘Underworld’ movies are about to be in a dark and fantastical cosmos.

The second movie, Underworld: Evolution (2006) serves Selene and Michael as they are driven by their adversaries. The third movie, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009), considered to be the prequel of the series. The fourth movie, Underworld: Awakening (2012) is the sequel to Underworld: Evolution. In this movie, human has recognized the presence of vampires and Lycans on the earth and they are trying very well to kill all of them i.e. both the species. The concluding movie, Underworld: Blood Wars [2016].

The first film Selene & a vampire Death Dealer who kills Lycans. On doing so, she met Scott Speedman, a medical student. However, Michael was bitten by Lycan, Selene must perform her mission to eliminate him or understand her sentiments and go turn on her clan and conserve him.

The second film comprehended Selene and Michael to experience the purpose of war amid vampires and Lycans.

The third movie bounced back in time to the beginnings of the characters and the circumstances that pointed to the Vampire–Lycan war. Lucian, the first werewolf, and Bill Nighy, the first vampire.

The fourth film undertakes the violent relationship between humans and vampires and Lycans and humans, as humans knew some secret of them that led the battle between them.

In the fifth film, Selene efforts to grow up from defeat as she is disappointed by her Vampire side. She promises to end the war between the Lycan and vampires.

A hypothetical storyline of Underworld 6 that could explore if Michael is died or not, as he had also tricked the death before. It also needs to mind in Selene’s story that she’s the highest authority now and her relation with her mother Eve. Beckinsale doesn’t want to come back, that could not be possible, as it’s an extremely problematic situation for producers to consider recasting Selene, as Beckinsale’s depiction of her that would be more fantasizing for her fans. There is still some confusion regarding Michael, recasting when Scott Speedman would not be back, and that would be a tension for Selene. With all that in mind, it may be more possible just to restart the franchise and make Underworld 6, if not solely, than only by having a focus on new personalities living within the same universe.

Hence, maybe in the forthcoming edition of Underworld, Underworld 6, we would recognize the creators to add the storyline spinning around the particular conflict and personalities.

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Cast, Who Could Get a Chance to Play in the Expected Underworld 6.

When anyone asks you to give any word to this movie series, what comes to your mind. I would say “dynamic drama“. The personalities and characters played by the actors and actresses are an exceptional fit for the series. The cast of this series Underworld up to season 5 is provided as follows. However, the star performers of this series are very huge.

In 2017, Len Wiseman, who is producer and writer, announced that a sixth movie, Underworld 6 was in composition, in which we would see Kate Beckinsale return. However, after a year, she responded to all casting rumors saying that she would not return as she had done plenty of those. Other than Beckinsale, no other character has performed in more than two movies. With the original lead omitting the series, we could only expect the creators to permit for a different lead with some new helping actors.


Other than the records given by Wiseman and Beckinsale, it has not much revealed by the producers. However, the fifth movie wasn’t a tremendous financial success as compared to its previous movies.

Austrian composer Paul Haslinger has served three of the five movies of ‘Underworld’. He has been composing for the company’s other productions either. Haslinger has built fame for making for thrillers and fantasy movies, as he may also compose for Underworld 6 as well. So, one has to wait for the rendering company’s announcement on that.

Moreover, as we are waiting for the forthcoming section of the series Underworld, we could see some of those similar faces as we have seen in the previous editions of the movie. It would not be a newfangled thing to hope some of the new faces in Underworld 6 as well.

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IMDB Rating Gets by the Series Underworld 6

From the popular website indication of the assessment rating authorizations of movies and series to accompany the movies and it also encourages viewers to deliver them the ultimate essence.

Series Underworld: Blood Wars, the last segment of the movie Underworld got a 5.8-degree rating by IMDb rating and a 21% rating from the Rotten Tomato rating system. And these ratings are quite similar to that of the rating of the previous movie of this franchise. Therefore we can likewise expect that Underworld 6 would also get a similar rating which is a reasonable sign for the watchers to go with it.

Release Date of Underworld 6, Its Premiere.

The current news of Beckinsale not playing the role of the protagonist in the movie, the movie is absolutely in danger. Now, ‘Underworld 6’ has not even arrived at its blooming stage, which means that the statement would take a least two to three more years. By no more data provided by the producers or the writers, the best we can consider is that Underworld 6 can deliver someday in January 2022 by the report. you can watch it on amazon prime. (Source: Looper)

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underworld chapter 6


The news appears as a difficulty but we have to accept it. Underworld 6 is offset currently and the makers have neither intention of doing any further series as suggested by some statements. If in fact any other actors and actresses take over the leading role of this series and planned to proceed with the extra edition then it could be possible that this franchise will move ahead to make this movie; Underworld 6, But no such opinion about it has been issued yet so we need to accept the termination of the sixth series of Underworld.

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