Will the Greenhouse Academy Season 4 Is the End of the Series?

If you are a fan of Israeli tween drama, then you must have heard about Greenhouse Academy. You are already a fan if you have already decided to be on Eagle’s side or Raven’s side.

To know about them here is some information related to it.

Greenhouse Academy is a tween drama TV series that originated in the United States. It is based on Israeli TV series named The Green House (Ha-Hamama).

Giora Chamizer is the creator, and Noam Arazi is the producer of the show.

Orly Atlas Katz, Udi Miron, Osnat Saraga, Tamara Rothenberg, and Dominique Bazay are the executive producers of Greenhouse Academy.

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The show got released on Netflix on 8th September 2017 and came to an end on 20th March 2020.

It consists of four seasons with 40 episodes and 21 to 28 minutes of running time.

The Plot Of The Series Greenhouse Academy Season 4

Greenhouse Season 4

The story of Greenhouse Academy revolves around the life of a teenager, Hayley. Her mom was an astronaut who died in an accident. Hayley discovers some strange activities going on in a cave that is situated near her school vicinity. Her mom tacked down an ore called magnetite. Hayley finds out that the strange things going on in the cave is related to the same ore.

During the investigation, she finds out that some school authorities are involved in planning something evil and of great immensity. She collects her friends and works together to plan and stop them from doing so. The whole mystery related to their intentions keeps on progressing for the rest of the seasons. However, at the end of season 3, Hayley and Leo experience their close contact with a bomb while exploding.

Season 4 of the show solves all the mysteries, including the love triangle of Hayley, Leo, and Daniel.

The ending of season 4 proved to be the most climatic one as a group of masked men entered the school and took it over. They threaten all the people over there to release the virus. This virus was the same, which almost killed Leo in the previous season.

However, the students over there manage to stop the release of the virus. They also overpowered the masked men. After this incident, it is revealed that the leader of the masked men was none other than the Dean of the Greenhouse Academy and Brooke’s brother named Jason Osmond.

Even after threatening countless people with the virus, Jason Osmond gets released from custody. An FBI agent gets paid by Jason, who arrives and frees him from the hospital bed. After getting free, he roams here and there freely in the streets by the end of the season.

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They all are aware now that Jason was the mastermind behind all the mysterious activities. This information tells us that Jason has a split personality.

We can expect a new season involving wicked activities by Jason.

Release Date Of The Series Greenhouse Academy Season 4

Greenhouse Season 4

Greenhouse Academy Season 4 got released on 20th March 2020 on Netflix. This season also has eight hour-long episodes, like season 3.

Despite gaining much popularity among the viewers, the series got cancelled after completing its fourth season. Greenhouse Academy Season 5 is not happening in the upcoming years or ever. Netflix cancelled the season, so there are chances that we can get another season of the show somewhere, somehow. There is still enough material left in the series yet to be discovered. So, there are chances of the series to return.

But before streaming with the new season, Greenhouse Academy might need to find another platform for its release.

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The Cast of the Series Greenhouse Academy Season 4

Greenhouse Season 4

  • Ariel Mortman playing the part of Hayley Woods
  • Finn Roberts playing the role of Alex Woods
  • Chris O’Neal playing the role of Daniel Hayward
  • Dallas Hart playing the part of Leo Cruz
  • Cinthya Carmona playing the part of Sophie Cardona
  • Danika Yarosh playing the role of Brooke Osmond
  • Benjamin Papac playing the role of Max Miller
  • BJ Mitchell playing the part of Parker Grant
  • Dana Melanie playing the part of Emma Geller
  • Ishai Golan playing the role of FBI Carter Woods
  • Selina Giles playing the role of Ryan Woods
  • Yiftach Mizrahi playing the role of Jason Osmond
  • Nitsan Levartovsky playing the part of Suzanne McGill

IMDb Rating Of The Series Greenhouse Academy Season 4:

6.9 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of the series Greenhouse Academy Season 4.

Where Can We Watch The Series Greenhouse Academy Season 4?

  • You can watch it on Netflix.
  • You can watch it through Metareel.
  • You can watch it through Just Watch.
  • You can watch it on a series.
  • You can watch it on Movies123.
  • You can watch it on Filmlinks4u.

You can stream it online through the above links or download it from various platforms to watch it offline.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Greenhouse Academy Season 4:

Does Hayley stay with Leo or Daniel?

Season 4 ties up all the ends from the previous seasons. The love triangle of Hayley, Leo, and Daniel also gets solved. By the end of the season, you will come to know about it. Most of the parts of the series are predictable.

However, at the end of episode 4, Leo convinces Hayley to come back to Greenhouse. In episode 5, she comes back, and their friendship takes a sudden turn when they end up kissing.

Are Alex and Hayley twins?

Hayley and Alex are siblings in the Greenhouse Academy. They are a part of Greenhouse, where Hayley is at the Ravens, and Alex is at Eagles.

With whom Alex Woods end up?

Alex ends up with Brookes as she introduces herself as his girlfriend to his parents. They are officially a couple after that.


In the end, we came to know that Jason was behind all the suspicious activities going on in the Greenhouse. He was arrested and then freed with the help of an FBI agent. His freedom marks the fact that there can be another season too.

However, there is no news regarding Season 5 right now. We can wait for it.

Until then, keep watching Greenhouse Academy Season 4!

If you have any queries regarding Greenhouse Academy Season 4, you can comment in the comment box. We love to answer.

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