Will the Cw Announced “In the Dark Season 3” Happen?



Have you ever watched Dark? If yes, then you must be knowing how interesting it is, right? 


“In the Dark” is a American Crime Drama Television Series created by Corinne Kingsbury and originated in German.    

Can “In The Dark Season 3” be announced?

Yes, In the Dark Season 3 will be happening because the CW renewed that the third season is coming back in 2020.


Will “ In The Dark Season 3” happen?

Yes , because CW officially announced that the first premiere of Season 3 is on 23 June , 2021.

All about in the Dark Season 3:


As we all know everyone is wondering about Season 3 after the release of Season 2 and fans are waiting for this series.

In The Dark Season 3 finally, Murphy Mason as Perry Mattfeld come back in Season 3 with  her best friend. She will deal with Darnell, her best friend and also Nia’s brother.  And now he is in his prime position too.

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How many episodes are coming?

As we saw that season 1 and 2 had 13 episodes, we can expect that season 3 also had 13 episodes.But due to the pandemic we can't say anything.

Characters for in the Dark Season 3:


There are two characters who died in Season 2, except that everyone will see in the Season 3 who are shown below.

  1. Murphy Mason as Perry Mattfeld. 
  2. Jess Damon as Brooke Markham. 
  3. Josh as Theodore Bhat.
  4. Max Parish as Casey Deidrick. 
  5. Darnell James as Keston John. 
  6. Felix Bell as Morgan Krantz.
  7. Officer Gene Clemens as Matt Murray. 

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(Release Date) in the Dark Season 3:

There is no exact release date for this series but Baran Bo Odar states that they are working for the Dark Season 3 and this is the final cycle of this great journey and they can deliver it next year most probably.

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Trailer: in the Dark Season 3

The trailer will be released officially by CW Network on 24 June 2021. You can watch the trailer in the link given below and enjoy.

Where to watch “In the dark” Season 3?

Whether you want to watch season 1, 2 or upcoming series, just keep yourself subscribed to Netflix. 

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“In the Dark” Tv Series Ratings:

Viewers loved to watch this series very much, which showed in the ratings too.

In the Dark has got a decent  imdb rating i.e, 7.5 out of 10.

As if now we know that the series hasn't come , there are no ratings for Season 3 from the users.


In the Dark has completed its 2 seasons but there is no confirmation when In The Dark Season 3 is to be released. So we can wait for this series.

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