Will March Comes in like a Lion Season 3 Ever Come or Not? 

Will Asmik Ace Inc. a popular animation house (with a great history) ever come with the (March comes in like a lion) or not?  That’s the biggest question of the decade. 

FYI, What is Asmik Ace Inc.?

Asmik Ace, Inc., also known as Asmik Ace Entertainment, Inc. it was founded in 1997 and the headquarter is in Japan.Asmik Ace,Inc., is a  Japanese film production and distribution company.

Does REI Kiriyama have autism?

It is often shown that rei often has clinical depression and a very strong relation to high functioning autism. He has poor social skills, very less shown expressions on looks like a robot, does not understand others feelings or emotions, gets obsessed with a single subject or item too quickly and many other things like this.

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“Will Viewers Be Able to Watch March Comes in like a Lion Season 3 or Not?”

Let’S Uncover Few Things about March Comes in like a Lion Japanese Anime Series Now:

  1. March comes in like a Lion was released in October 2016 and has 22 episodes to watch. 
  2. March comes in like a lion first season ended in March 2017. 
  3. March comes in like a Lion Season 2 was released in October 2017 and has 22 episodes to watch. 
  4. March comes in like a lion second season ended in March 2018.
  5. After that, it’s been more than 4 years that there is no news about the launching of March comes in like a lion season 3 so it’s unlikely or maybe likely to come.

March comes in like a lion is a Japanese manga series and the genre of this series is Coming-of-age, Romantic and Slice of life. It was written by Chica Umino. 

 Lion Season 3

When Is the Premiere Release Date for March Comes in like a Lion Season 3 ?

The makers have not given any release date of March comes in like a lion season 3. Looking at the time duration between the release dates of season 1 and 2. 

So fans need not be worried even if the creators have not confirmed the next season. It may be released or may not be.

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What Happened in the Previous Season of March Comes in like a Lion ?

Rei Kiriyama, the main character of the series lives in a town called Shinkawa which is situated near the Sumida River of Tokyo. Another town called Tsukuda is connected to the town Rei through Chou bridge is where Kawamoto’s family lives.

Rei Kiriyama’s parents and younger sister who lived in Shinkawa died due to an accident in his childhood years. After the accident, Rei had no one in his family, so his father’s friend Masachika Koda took responsibility for him and his living. After reaching his adulthood, he left them thinking he was a burden to them. 

He lived apart from them with his few friends. As he grows, it is shown in the show that he learns to live in the world and seeks his maturation as a

professional shogi player and his connection with the Kawamoto family’s three females – Akari, Hinata, and Momo.

In season 2, the story continues where Rei continues as the professional shogi player and takes that as his career. Whereas the three sisters continue to support him with his career dreams. In the first season, the story revolves around all three sisters and Rei but in the second they had progressed the story where the main focus is on Hinata where she is shown to be most beautiful but was bullied in school a lot.

Where Can You Watch March Come in like a Lion ?

You can stream it online easily in the given links but before watching just subscribe yourself to those channels and here is an English dubbed version available of March come in like a lion.

You will love to watch it.


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Final Words:

Well, when March comes in like a Lion season 3 is not planned and unlikely to come, let’s sign off with Asmik Ace’s, Inc. other Japanese Manga Series.

If you want to know about other series then spend your time on our website.

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