Will J.C Staff Release Toradora Season 2 or Not?


8 out of 10 user ratings! How does it sound? Yes, that’s Toradora Japanese Anime Series...

Toradora is a Japanese Anime series based on the novel which is written by Yuyuko Takemiya with the same title.This series is produced by J.C.Staff

After the streaming on Netflix of Toradora , fans are waiting for Toradora 2 also. 

  1. Can “Toradora Season 2” be announced?
  2. Will “Toradora Season 2” come?

As of now, Netflix hasn’t renewed this anime series for its second season but if the fans will create the pressure officially  then,we expect to see it coming. Until then there is no season 2 of Toradora.

This show has received great popularity from people all over the world and this show is a popular way of entertainment  among the people.

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Release Date for Toradora Season 2:


Toradora Season 1 was released in 2008. That’s why it is hard to say if Season 2 will come or may not be. 

There is no official announcement about Toradora season 2 and also Toradora Season 2  a doubt because the J.C.Staff studios is currently working on other projects.

But, as expected, if there is Toradora season 2 going to happen then it can be sometime in 2021.

Trailer : Toradora Season 2

There is no trailer announced yet. So, stay in touch with us. But you can enjoy the Season 1 trailer on Youtube.

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All about Toradora:


As we all know, Toradora is a romantic series. Toradora Season 1 consists of 25 episodes, each episode is approximately 25 minutes.All the episodes of Toradora were premiered on TV Tokyo which is in Japan.  People have to praise this show and love it very much.

The main characters are Ryuji and Taiga. She is cute and short-tempered also . Ryuji knows every secret about taiga and slowly they understand their feelings too and in a  school trip to a ski resort, Ryuji will learn the truth about Taiga’s heart.

Toradora is an ordinary school anime series and this is a romantic japanese manga. This season has not released any more episodes after the completion of Season 1.

If the audience demanded and forced the company, they might release another season. But till now there is no information about it and it is just the theory of all the people.

Ratings for This Show:


  • Ratings from imdb of this show is 8 out of 10.
  • Ratings from myanimelist of this show is 8.2 out of 10 which is well known to rate the japanese shows.
  • Rating from Rating Graph of this show is 8.3 out of 10.

As of now there are no ratings for Toradora Season 2 from the users.

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Final Words:

Let’s end up with the article. Till now, you understand and know about this romantic series but there is no hope that it may come or may not be. I am also waiting for this manga like fans.

If this article helped you in any way and if you have anything to ask please let me know in the comment section.

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