Will Hulu Release Monsterland 2 or Not?

Till date, Monsterland got mixed feedback (IMDb Rating: 5.5 out of 10) from their viewers but the good part is, many viewers loved this dramatic horror series and are waiting for Monsterland 2. 

If you are on this page, most probably because you want to watch Monsterland 2. 

So, Are you excited to know everything about Monsterland Season 2?

Let’s go with us and read this article to know everything when Season 2 is going to be released. 

  • Monsterland is Created by Mary Laws and based on the North American Lake Monsters: Stories by Nathan Ballingrud. 
  • The production company is Two and two orchard production. 
  • It was released on 2 October 2020.

Will there be another series of Monsterland?

There is nothing to confirm whether another season will come back or not because Hulu network did not comment anything regarding this.

When can we expect a monster 2 premiere?

If Hulu goes ahead with Monster 2, they may bring it in October next year because Monster 1 also premiered in October for the Halloween celebration. But what can we say upon it without any confirming news from the production house.

How many seasons of Monsterland are there?

Currently there is only one single season with 8 episodes released in 2020, now let’s see if there is another one for fans to watch in further years. 

All about Monsterland :

Monsterland Season 2

The streaming services like Netflix and Hulu will take a month to decide that a new season may come or may not be and also a series takes time to become a buzz worthy on social media whether the audiences are enjoying it or not.

Critics liked Monsterland for the most part, and many people loved many episodes and most of the positive responses I have seen.

Monsterland may get renewed, as it is a horror series, it will be easy for Hulu to keep it going. Who knows the writers have other stories in their collection they could take from, or maybe even from other works they do.

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What Can Be Expected in Monsterland 2 ?

Monsterland Season 2

The makers of the show can either continue with the previous story in season one or can adapt a new original story or take another novel or make their own new story for season 2. It is hard for the makers to continue the old season 1 because of the way they were made, the tension they built. Tension is the main factor in these kinds of horror movies which are difficult to build in between the two series’ time gaps. 

As Season 1 was a success, fans are eagerly waiting for the renewal news from Hulu. As the show’s every episode has a different story and no connection between their episodes, it will be easy for the audience to accept the changes made in the season 2’s plot. 

They may also try to continue the old plot but add a little story twist by changing the characters in the same venue where the story began.

Who Will Be Cast in Monsterland Season 2?

Monsterland Season 2

As of now no casting details have been released for season 2 because this season is not greenlit yet.But as expected if season 2 will come then the cast of season 1 will come back.

But now viewers expect big things from the network. Here are some of the first season characters: Kaitlyn Dever, Star Wars’ Kelly Marie Tran.

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Release Date for the Monsterland Season 2:

Looking at today’s pandemic situation, it is said that season 2 might release in 2021, if it will then it will be only Hulu’s Halloween Programming like in Monsterland season 1, just like they released the season 1 on october 2020.

But like any other show, first there will be an official confirmation announcement, teaser, trailer then the release of show. All we can do is wait!

(Trailer) Monsterland Season 2:

There is no official announcement for the trailer of Monsterland Season 2. But you can enjoy the trailer of Season 1 which is given below.

Where to Watch: Monsterland Season 2

As mentioned above, Monsterland season 2 has not been released yet. So, you can stream Season 1 here from the given links below. 

But before watching subscribe to those links. 

Audience Reviews:

“Really good concept… but annoying how you can go from an episode that keeps you thoroughly engaged from start to finish, then the next will bore you to tears.”Imdb

“This show tries too hard. Vague just for the sake of being vague. Good visuals and acting but atrocious writing. And that’s where it fails. The stories don’t go anywhere really interesting. They just leave you wondering wtf was the point of that? Every episode felt like a waste of my time until I just couldn’t watch any more. -” Indiewire.com

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Monsterland already completed its one season which consists of 8 episodes and it premiered on 2nd of october,2020 on Hulu which achieved great popularity among the fans.

As of now Monsterland 2 is not released yet, so keep watching other latest horror movies and keep up with us to get updated.

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