Will Claymore Season  2 ever come or not?

Claymore Season  2

Will Madhouse Inc, a popular animation house (with the great history) ever come with the claymore season 2 or not?  That’s the biggest question of the decade. 

However, there are few things about Claymore Japanese TV anime series which needs to be uncovered before answering 

“Will viewers be able to watch Claymore season 2 or not?” 

Let’S Uncover Few Things about Claymore Japanese Anime Series Now:

 Claymore Season  2

  1. Claymore was released in April 2007 and has 26 episodes to watch. 
  2. Claymore’s first season ended in September 2007. 
  3. After that, it’s been more than 14 years that there is no news from Madhouse about the launching of Claymore season 2 so it’s unlikely to come.
  4. However, Claymore’s ending was not satisfactory.  Still, they are able to manage getting IMDb rating 8.0  of Claymore which is quite interesting.

Claymore is based on dark fantasy adventures. It is written and illustrated by Norihiro Yagi

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How Did Claymore Anime End?

 Claymore Season  2

Claymore anime is brilliant but not the ending. It is considered the worst ending as the main lead Clare was not so powerful in the whole show but suddenly had the most power to kill the main enemy easily.

Fyi, What Is Madhouse?

Madhouse Inc. is a japanese animation studio founded in 1972 and the headquarters of this studio are Honcho ,Tokyo and Nakano. In this, there are 70 workers including contractors.

When Is the Premiere Release Date for Claymore Season 2?

 Claymore Season  2

A lot of times the purpose of anime is made only for promoting source material. 

So, maybe Claymore is one of them because for about more than 14 years we haven’t heard anything about this.

What Happened in the Previous Season of Claymore?

The previous season is all abouts the claymores. Claymores are partial human and partial Yoma

Yomas are the creatures who feed themselves on human flesh and they can convert themselves into humans. The show revolves around the lead role named Clare who is a “Claymore ”. 

Their motive is to kill the pure breeds of Yomas who kill innocent humans and feed on them. The deadly creatures Yomas feed on humans and convert themselves into human forms to hide themselves from others and look like them.

Clare has her own reasons to kill the pure breed Yomas. When she was young her parents were killed by the Yomas and then she was tortured and abused by the yomas, but right when they were about to kill her, Claymores came to her rescue and then she lived with them after that. 

After all the incidents, Clare made her true purpose to kill all the Yomas. In one of the episodes, it was also seen that even after being the half Yomas, Clare let the power of yomas take over her body and become full Yomas.

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Where Can You Watch Claymore?

You can stream it online easily in the given links but before watching just subscribe yourself to those channels.

Here is a English dubbed version of Claymore available on Amazon Prime . You will love to watch it.

Season 1 Audience Reviews:

Crunchyroll : 

“Claymore is one of my all-time favorite manga series, and it’s easily my favorite action-adventure manga. For the most part, the anime series is a loyal adaptation of the manga. And so, for the most part, it’s an outstanding series to watch, and I definitely recommend it.”

Audience Ratings: 4.9 out of 5.

Imdb :

“What a great anime series. I’ve watched it at least 4 times since first viewing it 6 months ago. I guess I’m still expecting what would have happened if the show was continued for another season.I agree with most other reviewers as far as the character development in this story,and that this is definitely more mature material than many other anime series. Mr. Norihiru Yagi and the other writers did an excellent job, in that the heroines in this story, while far superior to normal humans, were not infallible, and the yoma monsters themselves were quite perceptive and sometimes full of surprises. In fact I rate it right along with “Lord of the Rings” trilogy as far as action,adventure,fantasy genre goes. But I think it’s hard for animation to get the same level of respect as regular motion pictures. Would love it if they ever made a feature length sequel to this series.”

Audience Ratings : 8.0 out of 10.

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Final Words:

Well, when Claymore season 2 is not planned and unlikely to come, let’s sign off with other Japanese Manga Series. 

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