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Why We Give Chocolates On Valentine’s Day?

Have you ever thought about why we always give chocolates to our partner or friends whenever they are angry with us? I know now you are remembering all the times when you brought a sweet piece of chocolates for your partner, Am I right? Valentine’s week is just a few steps away from us and on this day there is a tradition to give chocolates to our partners. The taking and giving chocolates on V-day is not new. We have been seeing this for a long time but few wonder why?

In this article, we’re going to tell you why we give chocolates on Valentine’s day? If you also thought of this question while eating your chocolates then read the next section to know about it completely. 

Why We Give Chocolates On Valentine's Day?

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Why do we eat Chocolates on Valentine’s Day? 

Do you know that every Valentine’s day around 58 Million Pounds of Chocolate is purchased worldwide, I mean this is a huge number. But considering that we’ll share those sweet chocolatey bars with our lover, it feels alright. There is rarely anyone that would refuse to have sweet chocolates from people no matter even if they had a big fight, but why? Why can’t we say no to Chocolate?

Seeing this thing scientifically, the chocolate is made up of cocoa powder and this powder is really good for the heart. The sweet nature of chocolate attracts every other person towards them and that’s how the world ends up buying so much chocolate. Chocolates are considered a symbol of love and the exchange of these yummy chocolates means that you have the feeling of love and care towards the other person. 

Furthermore, chocolates are good for the body and they improve our cognitive function. Not only this but several doctors believe that they reduce the level of stress and make one smile. The other variety of Chocolates are the dark ones, they make the skin clear and good for health.  

Why We Give Chocolates On Valentine's Day?

There is another thing, which many of you might don’t know, dark chocolates are supposed to stimulate the sexual hormones of a person. 

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What is the History of Chocolate & Valentine’s Day?

The relationship between chocolates and Valentine’s day is not from today. People used to express their love through chocolates since the time we actually don’t remember. While going through the history of these two, I came to know that there was a ruler Montezuma. He used to have the cocoa beans to raise his sexual desire with his wives. However, there isn’t any proof of this. Many people still believe this as true and he was the first one to do this. 

The ability of chocolates to fuel the romance is not yet fully proof but we can’t deny the fact that chocolates contain Tryptophan and Phenylethylamine. These two chemicals are responsible for giving sexual pleasure by releasing the message to the brain. But the quality is too little that might be considered as negligible. 

Now, coming ahead of time, in the era where the famous queen Victoria used to rule. There was a rule that any person will not take the sweet from the person he/she wasn’t married to or at least engaged. Now you are thinking that this is so CRUEL because that is just a chocolate. As I already told you that chocolate is a symbol of love and accepting these sweet little boxes of chocolates means accepting their love.

Why We Give Chocolates On Valentine's Day?

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The interconnection between Chocolates, love, and desire will go for forever and it will take years to prove who is right and who isn’t. But we can’t deny that dark chocolates play more role in enhancing these desires. Above all this, we know that Chocolates play a significant role in Valentine’s day because they are the symbol of love. Besides being this, they are also beneficial for health and what we want more. This Valentine’s day gift your loved one’s chocolates that will make them realize your love and affection towards them.