Reasons: Why Rich Boy Got Arrested?

Alabama rapper Rich Boy, best known for his 2006 song “Throw Some D’s” starring Polow Da Don, was lodged in the Mobile Jail on Friday, September 30. According to the news source, Rich Boy was detained on two counts of third-degree domestic violence, one for harassment and the other for assault. According to ABC 15 News, the arrest occurred after a dispute with his parents.

A video circulating online allegedly depicts the former XXL Freshman shirtless and engaged in some type of brawl. It is unclear whether this supposed video is related to the recent arrest of the rapper.

What Led to Rich Boy’s Arrest?

According to police reports, Richards was detained on October 3 on third-degree domestic abuse offenses, including domestic violence, harassment, and domestic violence assault. Police were reportedly summoned after Richards allegedly engaged in a physical argument with his parents. This is the second time the rapper who was arrested for attempted violence in 2008 has been charged.

Reasons: Why Rich Boy Got Arrested: What is the Reason Behind His Arresting?

In 2005, gunshot fragments fired from Richards’ and his brother Irvin’s Cadillac injured a certified public accountant. Richards was served with a civil suit by the injured accountant. Richards and his brother both pleaded guilty to attempted assault, with Richards receiving probation and Irvin receiving 10 years in jail.

The civil case followed the initial claim filed by the accountant, which sought punitive damages. Richards and Irvin were ordered to pay $25,000 in compensatory damages and $312,500,000 in punitive damages.

Who is Rich Boy?

Maurice Richards, professionally known as Rich Boy, is an Alabama rapper from Mobile. Throw Some D’s climbed to No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2006, making Richards one of only a handful of Mobile rappers to reach the Top 10. A year later, his single topped the US rap chart and reached No. 3 on the Billboard 2000. Some people referred to Richards as a “one-hit wonder” after the song’s success.

Reasons: Why Rich Boy Got Arrested: What is the Reason Behind His Arresting?

In 2008, he released the album Bigger Than the Mayor, which raised the stakes and brought him back into the public glare. In a 2008 album review, XXL Magazine stated, “With introspective street rap scattered throughout the disc, Rich Boy manages to satisfy both his core fan base and the casual listeners who dismissed him as a one-hit-wonder.”

Bigger Than the Mayor provides an efficient street campaign for the ‘Bama lad to secure a second term in office, serving as a suitable placeholder until the release of his sophomore album. Richards’ most recent album, Bring It to the Block, was published in 2022 and has freestyle music as well as guest performances by Lloyd Banks, Bubba Sparxxx, Pastor Troy, and Boyz N Da Hood.

What is the Reaction of Rapper Community After his Arresting?

Rappers have remarked on Richards’ most recent arrest, with much-expressing support for him. Bianca Clarke, a fellow Alabama rapper, posted on social media: “Sending love to our local hero!”

Elric Jerel Simon, often known as Rellik, authored: “It’s absurd… when you make everyone as quiet as a mouse. But any indication that you are down or in a different location will cause your name to ring out like a church bell. Love and prayers to my brother Rich.”